37X/38X Clamp Meters with iFlex™

A clamp meter is an electrical tester that combines a voltmeter with a clamp-type current meter. It is used by electricians to measure electrical energy. Voltage is measured by attaching a set of test leads and probes, which make contact with an electrical source, such as a household electrical outlet. Alternatively, when you clamp the instrument’s jaws around a conductor carrying AC current, that current is coupled through the jaws and a reading can be obtained in a non-contact way.

The company's existing line of amp clamps have become iconic best-sellers in the industry. They are known by their unique shape and trade dress, as well as their reputation for ruggedness and safety. However, the family was beginning to age in appearance and feature set. In order to restore vitality, the new design had to visually communicate innovation while acknowledging the brand equity of its predecessor.

The design of the new 37X/38X family of clamp meters introduces a color and material palette more closely tied to the company's other core electrical products. The shape of the new product mimics the old in basic silhouette, but differs in touch points and ergonomic details. For instance, the 381 model has a remote display, an innovative design that significantly increases the tool's functionality. Displays on clamps can be awkward to read because the clamp has to be held more or less perpendicular to the wire being measured. This does not always present the most ergonomic viewing angle for the user. The 381's remote display detaches from the clamp's housing and can be mounted some distance away. The remote display communicates with the device using wireless technology.

Credits: Ferdinand Laurino, Matthew Marzynski, Jeff Worones, Tiena Yang and Duncan Kearsley
Corporate Sponsor: Fluke Corporation
Contact: Leah Friberg: Leah.friberg@fluke.com