Children's Products

Ggumbi Bumper Bed Morning Star

Ggumbi Morning Star is a bumper bed for newborn babies that can prevent sudden death. It can also transform into a playroom mat, baby sofa or baby room. The extra bathing wrap, which is made of pure cotton, swaddles the newborn baby, giving a cozy feeling like a mother's hug.

Designed by: Choi Jinhyi, Choi Yeonseo, Seo Eunyeong and Park Hyun Bum of Ggumbi


Posse Chair

The Posse Chair sparks imagination and exploration. Posse’s playful saddle-like form and familiar material encourages a multitude of end uses, from sitting in social gatherings for tabletop activities to transforming into an expression of curiosity. Similar to a cardboard box, Posse is easily modified, decorated and drawn on, making it an open-ended platform for self-expression and therefore inspiring children to build their own adventures. Posse is a durable seat made from molded paper pulp that is fully biodegradable, compostable and recyclable. The pulp undergoes a powerful vacuum-forming process to create an exceptionally dense structure that can hold over 200 pounds and has proven durability through real-world testing with children. It is also non-toxic, lightweight and soft, perfectly suited for children. Each Posse is economical to produce, making it attainable for many, and its ability to stack means it’s ideal for both smaller spaces and organized settings.

Designed by: Joonas Kyöstilä and Tim Ronco of Pulpmade



Lack of sleep for new parents is an everyday norm and a serious issue that can quickly become a health problem for both parents and the baby. SNOO is a robotic bassinet that reacts to a baby’s cries and movements to replicate the 5 S’s, a method developed by world-famous pediatrician Dr. Harvey Kar, creating the world’s safest bed. Each element of SNOO was considered for its safety, functional efficiency, material quality and comfort. For the main enclosure, the curved structural elements hold a double layer of mesh. Three microphones detect the baby’s cry and distinguishing it from outside noises. Below the mattress are the sensors, speakers and a robotic engine that power SNOO’s intelligent response. The outer layer of mesh facilitates the flow of fresh air and makes the baby visible inside the bassinet, a feature that enhances the parents’ feeling of connection to and protection of the baby.

Designed by: Yves Béhar, IDSA, Qin Li, Michelle Dawson and fuseproject design team and Dr. Harvey Karp of Happiest Baby



Aco was designed as a sofa for a toddler that will please both parents and their children. After many years of research on the standard body measurements of toddlers and studies on their sitting behaviors, the designers developed the most ideal shape inspired by the silhouette of a baby elephant. Its organic shape encourages good posture and provides comfort for sitting activities like drawing, reading and watching television. Due to its popularity among children, new collections have been added including dinosaurs, animals and the latest collection in collaboration with Disney.

Designed by: Seunghyun Seo and Inhwan Woo of iloom


TicKasa Kids

TicKasa Kids it the world’s first kid-centric smart speaker with a virtual personal assistant. Kids can use anywhere. It presents an opportunity for interactive storytelling. Unlike many tablet apps or video games, its dynamic voice experiences get kid’s eyes off the screen and their imaginations soaring. TicKasa Kids tells stories in a natural way that encourages them to keep their eyes up and to interact with others. This is the first smart speaker coming to market aimed at kids. With that in mind, it is designed to be kid-proof: strong, safe and with smart parental controls.

Designed by: Jiaxuan Du and Yang Liu of Shanghai Mobvoi Information Technology Co., Ltd.


Car Seat Buckle Magnet Clips

Nothing is more irritating than fumbling with car seat straps when you are in a hurry. Twisted straps and digging for buckles doesn’t need to be part of parents’ daily routine. The Car Seat Buckle Magnet Clips safely attach to any car seat and use a magnet to hold the buckles in place and out of the way until they are needed. Simply attach them with the childproof securing system and touch the buckle to the magnet—hassle gone.

Designed by: Simon Kang and Thomas Birkert of Munchkin, Inc.


Luka Baby Reading Robot

Luka Baby is an AI reading robot designed for kids aged 2-8 in China. Luka Baby integrates advanced AI computer vision technology to accurately recognize the content of picture books. Users can turn the page as usual and Luka Baby will read to them like parents do, making reading happier and easier for kids. The up-to-date cloud database now contains over 30,000 picture books. Luka Baby is the perfect fusion of a toy and a learning robot that kids love.

Designed by:  Ling Technology Inc.


ASUS Vivobaby

The Asus VivoBaby is an innovative product that senses body temperature, heart rate, motion and position to provide information about a baby’s health and sleep quality. The device and the wireless charging dock connect with low-power Bluetooth. The device size meets choking hazard regulations and is composed of medical-grade plastic. It uses only two magnetic accessories for multiple user scenarios. With the magnetic accessory, the Asus VivoBaby can be attached to a diaper, collar or sleeve or clipped to any clothes. Using a belt accessory, it can sit around the baby’s hand, ankle or body, making it the most versatile baby monitor to date.

Designed by: Asus Design Center for ASUStek Computer Inc.


Makeblock Neurons

Makeblock Neurons is a programmable electronic building-block platform for STEM education and practice. It contains more than 30 kinds of blocks with different functions; every block can bind with the others to become a multifunctional smart electronics solution. With the intuitive flow-based Makeblock programming app, Makeblock Neurons enable makers of all programming levels to build a variety of innovative gadgets with ease, turning their unlimited ideas into reality.

Designed by: Jiye Shen, Shenghui Jia and Junyao Li of IU+ Design; and Yiyue Zheng and Pu Liu of Makeblock R&D Center for Makeblock Co., Ltd.

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Nurture Smart Mobile

Nurture Smart Mobile is an easily cleaned, one-piece, articulated infant mobile—designed specifically for the hospital environment—that meets the multiple developmental needs of the infant and provides optimal accessibility and safety solutions for caregivers. The mobile provides a calming presence; soothing music; slow intriguing movement; and a gentle nightlight via a centralized control panel. The mobile can be pivoted quickly out of the way to provide urgent access to the infant.

Designed by: David J. FitzGerald for More Than Play, a division of PlayAbility Toys, LLC

Contact: David J. FitzGerald