DidaCubes were designed to make learning to program easier and more fun for kids. Through various programmable smart electronics designed to support K-12 STEAM education, it nurtures creativity, imagination, and scientific knowledge among children aged 6 to 18. DidaCubes use colorful shells made from food-grade silica gel to categorize the different functional modules. The modules can be interconnected to make a powerful electronic network. Kids can easily build real-life prototypes by combining the functional modules and papercrafts, or even everyday materials. DidaCubes were designed to optimize manufacturing costs to make it affordable to global K-12 users in need. 

Designed by: Jiye Shen, Junyao Li, Xiaoting Wu and Beixian Xu of Shenzhen IU+ Design Co., Ltd. for Shenzhen ZhiTongLeHui Technology Co., Ltd.

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