Children's Products


Breath is a chair designed to accompany children as they grown, adjusting to meet their sitting needs at different ages. It is both comfortable and breathable.

Designed by: Lei Liu, Fan Xia, Zongwen Wang, and Zhixi Li of HengLin Home Furnishings Co.

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Animal Dough Hair Playset

Children love creating things with play dough. This playset contains different shaped holes for extruding hair so children can create fun options for animal hair.

Designed by: Dr. Yi-Teng Shih of PolyU Design and Jay Li, Vincent Mao, and Gana Xu of Ningbo MiroKids Toys Co., Ltd. for Joan Miro.

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Joy R153 Baby Car Seat

This car seat ensures the safety and health of children with many features: a cocoon-shaped cockpit, an intelligent sensing system, a temperature control system, and an alarm.

Designed by: Ningbo Baby First Baby Products Co., Ltd. and D’Andrea & Evers Design B.V.

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Reading stimulates a child’s brain and curiosity, and fosters good judgment skills. Books are the most effective investment in a child’s future. CLOVA Lamp is more than just a traditional LED light. It uses image recognition and optical character recognition technology to read picture books to kids and help them develop an interest in reading, just like if their mom is reading to them. When kids ask CLOVA questions, an AI answers right away, helping them learn. With its foreign language study assistant, children can practice speaking foreign languages by mimicking the lamp’s pronunciation and recording their speech to check themselves. 

Designed by: NAVER Corp.

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Ergobaby Aerloom FormaKnit Stretch Baby Carrier

Aerloom by Ergobaby is an engineered knitted baby carrier that is made to move, stretch, and fit parents and their daily lives. Drawing inspiration from the activewear industry, Aerloom features FormaKnit fabric made with seamless knitting technology and postconsumer recycled polyester. Aerloom’s streamlined design results in a flexible yet supportive baby carrier that delivers all the performance of a traditional baby carrier while redefining the way parents think about comfort and purpose. It offers a custom fit, is lightweight, has built-in airflow, and reduces the impact to the parent’s body.

Designed by: Ergobaby Design & Development Team

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All Star Wood Cot Bed

The All Star Wood Cot Bed overturns the idea that furniture for young children must be short-lived. The Cot Bed can be configured in 12 different ways: as a newborn baby bed, a playpen, a safety gate, a bed guard, a family bed, a junior bed, a junior couch, a junior desk, a wagon for toddlers, storage, a small bed for newborn babies, and a diaper changing table. One inspiration behind the design was to provide high-quality, long-lasting furniture that will help parents save money by eliminating the need for them to buy new furniture as their child grows. Safety was also a top priority. 

Designed by: Jinhyi Choi and Ja Hyung Gu of Ggumbi

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Juno Bassinet - Pop-up bed for newborn babies

Bassinets are essential for newborns, but the majority are immobile and are made of synthetic materials that are environmentally toxic. The design intent was to provide a safer, more natural solution for parents. Parents can set up with Juno pop-up bassinet within seconds and move it anywhere around the house so they can keep their baby nearby. It is made of certified sustainable materials, which means it is fully recyclable. Inspiration came from the Finnish baby box, leading to a new generation of bassinets that push the world toward a more positive future.

Designed by: Herman Chan, IDSA, and Thomas Duester, IDSA, of Formfuture for Juno Baby LLC

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Stokke® Clikk™ Highchair

The Clikk Highchair is an easy-to-assemble reconfigurable highchair designed to grow with the child. It can be used from 6 to 36 months, from infant to toddler.

Designed by: Stokke Design Team and Astro Studios Design Team for Stokke

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Toss Disposable Diaper Pail

The Toss Disposable Diaper Pail features odor-trapping panels and a resealable lid to contain odors and wetness. The fold-flat design makes it perfect for travel too.

Designed by: Yena Lee, Matt Saxton, Yvonne Chan, Kevin Johnson, Edward Kwok and Weeky Wong of Munchkin, Inc

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59S Portable Mini Sterilizer

The 59S Portable Mini Sterilizer sanitizes pacifiers, bottle nipples, and more in under a minute. It safely eliminates over 99% of bacteria and viruses using only UV light. No chemicals, heat, or water needed!

Designed by: Yi Tang and Dehua Liu for 59S, and Simon Kang, Thomas Birkert, and Jackson Yip of Munchkin, Inc.

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