Children's Products

Stokke® Clikk™ Highchair

The Clikk Highchair is an easy-to-assemble reconfigurable highchair designed to grow with the child. It can be used from 6 to 36 months, from infant to toddler.

Designed by: Stokke Design Team and Astro Studios Design Team for Stokke

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Toss Disposable Diaper Pail

The Toss Disposable Diaper Pail features odor-trapping panels and a resealable lid to contain odors and wetness. The fold-flat design makes it perfect for travel too.

Designed by: Yena Lee, Matt Saxton, Yvonne Chan, Kevin Johnson, Edward Kwok and Weeky Wong of Munchkin, Inc

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59S Portable Mini Sterilizer

The 59S Portable Mini Sterilizer sanitizes pacifiers, bottle nipples, and more in under a minute. It safely eliminates over 99% of bacteria and viruses using only UV light. No chemicals, heat, or water needed!

Designed by: Yi Tang and Dehua Liu for 59S, and Simon Kang, Thomas Birkert, and Jackson Yip of Munchkin, Inc.

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​REX R542 Smart Baby Car Seat

The REX R542 Smart Baby Car Seat, for children 20–80 pounds (approximately 9 months to 12 years old), features a wrap-around cockpit in the shape of bird’s nest for optimum protection. 

Designed by: VOLPl Studio Babyfirst Design Team

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DidaCubes were designed to make learning to program easier and more fun for kids. Through various programmable smart electronics designed to support K-12 STEAM education, it nurtures creativity, imagination, and scientific knowledge among children aged 6 to 18. DidaCubes use colorful shells made from food-grade silica gel to categorize the different functional modules. The modules can be interconnected to make a powerful electronic network. Kids can easily build real-life prototypes by combining the functional modules and papercrafts, or even everyday materials. DidaCubes were designed to optimize manufacturing costs to make it affordable to global K-12 users in need. 

Designed by: Jiye Shen, Junyao Li, Xiaoting Wu and Beixian Xu of Shenzhen IU+ Design Co., Ltd. for Shenzhen ZhiTongLeHui Technology Co., Ltd.

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Yoto Player

The Yoto Player is a smart speaker for kids that lets them listen to stories, music, the radio, and podcasts. It delivers audio in a way that puts children in control of the content using physical cards. The aim was to open up a world of audio that fires children's imaginations and relieves some of the anxiety that parents have about screen time. Designed from the ground up for children, it is deliberately not toy-like and appeals to older kids and parents as well. The physical cards used for playback promote tactile play and fine motor development.

Designed by: Jon Marshall, Harc Lee and Yemima Lorberbaum of Pentagram with Ben Drury, Filip Denker, Tom Ballhatchet and Ben Calicott of Yoto for Yoto

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Skiphop Sit-to-Step High Chair

Although highchairs are a necessary item for early childhood mealtime, their window of usefulness has always been slim. The Skiphop Sit-to-Step High Chair is a fully featured highchair designed to grow with a child. It starts as a chair for feeding children as young as 3 months and later converts to a step stool, allowing kids to participate in kitchen activities with adults. The multifunctional nature of the highchair doubles its lifespan, providing an extra benefit to parents looking to invest in products that can be used for years and shared for decades. The stool can even support the weight of many adults.

Designed by: Scott Wilson, Matt Puhalla, Jillian Tackaberry, Gary Paulsen and Kyle Buzzard of MINIMAL Inc. for Skiphop

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Clova Friends mini

The Clova Friends mini smart speaker uses friendly characters to appeal to children. It comes with children's favorite content such as storytelling, music, language learning and more.

Designed by: NAVER Corp. and LINE Corp.

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Gokart kit

The Gokart kit is like a racing game in the real world. It features precision control, exhilarating speed and adjustable chassis. And it’s not just for children; adults love to ride it too.

Designed by: Ji Lin and Yongjie Li of Segway-Ninebot

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Landscape Sofa

Landscape Sofa was designed for kindergartens, children's libraries or other public spaces for children. Children can rearrange the different components to create their imagined land.

Designed by: Mr. Chung Pin Lai, Mr. Ming Hong Yeh and Mr. Ming Chieh Yeh of Hank Maxwell Studio for Taiwan Order Furniture Corporation

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