Children's Products

Reading Pal

Reading Pal uses distance-sensing technology to monitor the distance from a child’s eyes to a book and alerts them to correct the distance when needed to prevent myopia. 

Designed by: Center of Industrial Design, BOE Technology Group Co., Ltd.

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Tale-Bot Pro

The Tale-Bot Pro is an interactive hands-on coding robot that teaches children kids aged 3 to 5 how to code. Its 100% screen-free design lets children focus on learning, instead of being distracted by other apps. The focus is on teaching them the fundamental coding concepts of commands, sequences, and loops. Through the record function, children can also use voice commands to record and tell stories with the robot. The Activity Box contains interactive maps, blank maps used for independently creating coding tasks, and interactive themed stickers and command cards for coding, allowing them to complete a variety of fun coding games in interesting interactive scenarios. 

Designed by: Jiye Shen, I/IDSA, Beixian Xu, Juanyao Li, Jiahu Wang, and Chunxu Zhou of Shenzhen IU+Design Co., Ltd. for Matatalab Co., Ltd.

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Moxie by Embodied

In an age of exponential change, how do we raise our children, especially if they have learning disabilities or are socially isolated? How do we give them the emotional, social, and cognitive skills they need to navigate a complex, ever-changing world? The Moxie robot companion is designed to support social, emotional, and cognitive development in children between the ages of 5 and 10 through play-based learning and lessons on turn-taking and eye contact. To seamlessly integrate its form with a child’s behavior, Moxie uses machine-learning technology that continuously adapts to and learns from the human user.

Designed by: fuseproject for Embodied, Inc.

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SUPERSPACE is a magnetic modular play space for kids. Life-size magnetic panels allow children to create almost any structure they can dream up. The high-strength magnets, which are securely molded inside plastic connectors, rotate freely, allowing them to self-align and ensuring that each panel snaps together in endless configurations. There is no wrong way for a child to connect panels. The combinations are endless—one minute it’s a fort, an art exhibition, or an office and the next minute it’s a spaceship. It’s all about helping kids learn through play, giving them a space of their own, and letting their imaginations run wild.

Designed by: Jarn Bulling, Will Grant, and John Ditchburn of 4DESIGN for Superspace

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KIDPOP is a simple, safe ultra-lightweight balance bike. The fiberglass frame, which is made using gas-assisted injection molding technology, is shaped like a lightning bolt, conveying a sleek athleticism. The fiberglass material is as light as carbon fiber but one-sixth of the price. The total weight of the bike is just 2.4 kilograms, meaning that it can be easily lifted and carried even by young children. The light weight also reduces the risk of injuries in case of a fall. The bottom of the V-shaped frame was designed to hang low so that a child can easily get on and off it.

Designed by: Zhou Hongfan of Taizhou Typhoon Industrial Design Co., Ltd. For KIDPOP

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Programming is the language of the world. TPBot is a smart coding toy, helping children learn how to code while having fun. Straight out of the box, it can be used as a fun toy with its built-in functions. Insert the micro:bit circuit board and it turns into a teaching aid. Children learn to code using MakeCode by programming the TPBot to perform tasks, like following a designated path across the floor. TPBot is compatible with Lego bricks, extending children’s imagination and creativity.

Designed by: Jiye Shen, I/IDSA, Beixian Xu, Juanyao Li., Jiahu Wang, and Chunxu Zhou of IU+Design for SHENZHEN EF TECHNOLOGY CO., LIMITED

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Breath is a chair designed to accompany children as they grown, adjusting to meet their sitting needs at different ages. It is both comfortable and breathable.

Designed by: Lei Liu, Fan Xia, Zongwen Wang, and Zhixi Li of HengLin Home Furnishings Co.

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Animal Dough Hair Playset

Children love creating things with play dough. This playset contains different shaped holes for extruding hair so children can create fun options for animal hair.

Designed by: Dr. Yi-Teng Shih of PolyU Design and Jay Li, Vincent Mao, and Gana Xu of Ningbo MiroKids Toys Co., Ltd. for Joan Miro.

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Joy R153 Baby Car Seat

This car seat ensures the safety and health of children with many features: a cocoon-shaped cockpit, an intelligent sensing system, a temperature control system, and an alarm.

Designed by: Ningbo Baby First Baby Products Co., Ltd. and D’Andrea & Evers Design B.V.

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Reading stimulates a child’s brain and curiosity, and fosters good judgment skills. Books are the most effective investment in a child’s future. CLOVA Lamp is more than just a traditional LED light. It uses image recognition and optical character recognition technology to read picture books to kids and help them develop an interest in reading, just like if their mom is reading to them. When kids ask CLOVA questions, an AI answers right away, helping them learn. With its foreign language study assistant, children can practice speaking foreign languages by mimicking the lamp’s pronunciation and recording their speech to check themselves. 

Designed by: NAVER Corp.

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