"Century: 100 Years of Type in Design" Exhibition


Held at the AIGA National Design Center in New York City and organized as a part of AIGA’s centennial year, the 2014 exhibition “Century: 100 Years of Type in Design” was designed to celebrate the incredible diversity of typefaces and their integral role in design in the past 100 years. The exhibition design transformed the gallery into an immersive environment of typography. The walls and ceilings were dotted with hundreds of typographic periods drawn from the monotype library, and a pair of dynamic animations expressed the variations of different typefaces. The design set the stage for the remarkable host of artifacts on display, including rare works from the archives of leading design organizations. Typeface production drawings by leading designers of the last 100 years, type posters and announcement broadsides were supplemented by publications, advertising, ephemera and packaging.

Designed by: Abbott Miller, Jesse Kidwell, Yoon-Young Chai, Andrew Walters and Young Sun Compton of Pentagram for Monotype

Contact: claire.banks@pentagram.com