Brivo XR118

The Brivo XR118 is an affordable, digital, X-ray imaging solution to help rural hospitals and customers, who may not be able to afford such a system to solve their toughest daily problems, improve primary medical imaging diagnosis capability with GE’s first cassette-sized wireless detector, digital portable kit and handheld viewing pad. This digital radiography solution to upgrade existing, analog X-ray devices or install a new fixed or portable digital X-ray system is also targeted the for primary care market in developing countries. It brings freedom, flexibility, higher throughput, low dose and excellent UX to patient and technician via a wireless detector with the same size and thickness as film cassettes; strong compatibility for any standard cassette tray; simplified workflow; non-intrusive installation, handheld operation; and innovative X-ray auto sensing technology.

Designed by: Yidan Zhao, Gang Hong, Chen Wang, Lichao Xue and Juezhang Wang of GE Healthcare (China)