Wireless Audio VL Series Visual Identity System


This visual identity system for the Wireless Audio VL Series redefined the brand identity of the product line by establishing a new form factor and target, breaking away from industry stereotypes about audio. By considering the millennial generation, the target group, this visual identity system implemented aspirational and confident communication and redefined the brand image with a trendy and emotional campaign. This project reflects the company’s commitment to overcoming low brand awareness in the audio category and to providing an excellent sound experience. The visual identity system creates a compelling identity that can catch and hold people’s attention by communicating a rhythmic and dynamic visual language. Each model considers the tone and manner of each grade to establish a systematic line to create a more seamless and refined visual language.

Designed by: John Taegyu Kim, Kwanghyuck So, Wonkyoung Seo, Junhyeok Jang and Eena Kim of Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

Contact: js.kong@samsung.com, www.samsung.com