The Korean Air X Hyundai Card Credit Card Design


Korean Air X Hyundai Card credit card is the first exclusive airline credit card in Korea. It was created in a partnership between Korean Air, Korea’s largest carrier, and Hyundai Card, Korea’s major credit card company. The card comes in four types: 030, 070, and 150, which are reminiscent of flight numbers, and “The First,” which caters to premium members. Various motifs are applied to the cards to depict the thrill of travel, inspired by a boarding pass, a luggage tag, fuselage rivets, and airplane wings. The premium card depicts views from an airplane window, such as a sunrise, sunset, and aurora.

Designed by: Richard Sungmin Ahn, Kyeongha Lee, Doonam Lee, and Taeseok Choi of Design Lab of Hyundai Card

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