City Branding: Yeongdo


City Branding is an open graphic production system that allows people to create their own branding in harmony with the Yeongdo district of Busan, South Korea. A series of workshops educated artists and designers living in Yeongdo on how to use this system to create branding for local businesses. Design projects were then conducted with local small-business owners through which they gained a brand image. The images were born from the municipality’s branding system. As more businesses adopt new branding, the Yeongdo urban landscape will evolve with it, producing a unique visual identity that will reflect the constantly changing image of a place and its people.

Designed by: Yun Jung Ko and Seol Kim of Yeongdo Cultural City Center, Eui Rae Kim, Min Ji Park and Hyun Ji Oh of MixTypeSet, Yea Kyung Yoon, Jiwon Lee and Jae Hyouk Sung of Kookmin University,  Joon Ho Kwon, Eo Jin Kim and Kyung Chul Kim of Everyday Practice, and Kyoung Seok Kwon and Sun Young Im of Sandoll Inc.

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