Fincap Law - Brand Identity Design

This project updated the law firm’s former conventional logo into a stylized contemporary theme that provides a benchmark design for the legal and financial sector.

Designed by: Dongho Kim and Yunyoung Lee of Wallstreetdocs for Fincap Law LLP

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Haruharu WONDER Brand Identity Design

Haruharu, meaning “everyday" in Korean, is a natural cosmetic brand pursuing honest beauty in basic skincare targeted to those in their early 20s.

Designed by: Jaewon Jeong, Wha Kyung Su, SaeBom Kim, KyoungJin Yoon and BaeJeong Park of DSF Company

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the Green

Created under the slogan “My First Luxury,” the Green is Hyundai Card’s entry-level premium credit card. It was developed for culturally hip and trendy millennials emphasizing the notion of an upscale lifestyle.

Designed by: Richard Ahn, Kyeongha Lee, Doonam Lee, Noah Shin of Design Lab of Hyundai Card

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Space Monitor Visual Identity System

The Space Monitor Visual Identity System expresses the unique functions of the Space Monitor, which is structurally similar to a monitor stand, in a clear and entertaining way by thinking outside the box, just as the monitor itself offers flexible movement. The identity system shows before and after concept images, demonstrating how much workspace the monitor reclaims for users. Also, the pattern graphics that rhythmically express the monitor’s articulation offer visual delight and clearly show what to expect.

Designed by: Yoonhyung Lee, Kwanghyuck So, Junhyeok Jang & Yujin Choi of Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

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SAIB Intimate Cosmetic

While looking at ways to remove the stigma surrounding contraception and to tackle entrenched cultural taboos around women’s sexuality, SAIB & Co. entered the Korean market in fall 2018. The brand name “SAIB” is an inversion of the word “bias,” signaling an overturning of the gender bias in Korea in order to destigmatize women’s engagement with sexual activity. The brand supports female empowerment with a mission to normalize the perception of sexual wellness products, redefining them as a natural and healthy part of life. The brand aims to defy gender-based double standards and to promote more autonomy for women.

Designed by: Jiwon Park & Jungmin Choi of SAIB & Co.

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Harpoon | Brand Strategy and Visual Identity

A new brand position was defined and a brand design language was established that clarified the brand architecture, guided development of an identity system for the flagship IPA product, informed new product development and managed a holistic brand experience across all products.

Designed by: Jeff Pacione & Ethan Wang of Catapult Thinking, and Adam Bailey & James Holzman of Mass Bay Brewing Company

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Yoondesign Identity Renewal

A pioneer of digital font design since 1989, Yoondesign’s identity renewal explores the link between font design, content and brands. The variable graphic motif of the triangular relationship turning into a circle establishes a visual language that is a symbol of Yoondesign.

Designed by: Kim Sunghoon, Choi Chi-Young of Yoondesign group


Wireless Audio VL Series Visual Identity System

This visual identity system for the Wireless Audio VL Series redefined the brand identity of the product line by establishing a new form factor and target, breaking away from industry stereotypes about audio. By considering the millennial generation, the target group, this visual identity system implemented aspirational and confident communication and redefined the brand image with a trendy and emotional campaign. This project reflects the company’s commitment to overcoming low brand awareness in the audio category and to providing an excellent sound experience. The visual identity system creates a compelling identity that can catch and hold people’s attention by communicating a rhythmic and dynamic visual language. Each model considers the tone and manner of each grade to establish a systematic line to create a more seamless and refined visual language.

Designed by: John Taegyu Kim, Kwanghyuck So, Wonkyoung Seo, Junhyeok Jang and Eena Kim of Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.


HTC Vive Brand System

VIVE was the first system to offer full room-scale VR, allowing users to move around a space for a truly immersive experience. The brand needed to emote the boundless nature of a product that could only be believed when seen. The VIVE logo is an equilateral triangle, representing the unity of technology, humanity and imagination and forming the foundation of VIVE. The sides come together to form a portal to the unique VIVE Reality experience. Its iconic structure affords the VIVE brand an adaptable and customizable visual language, allowing it to take on the properties of the context it’s in.

Designed by: Astro Studios Design Team for HTC VIVE


2D4 Brand Design

2D4: “your beauty mate which fills you with 100% beauty." Unlike most other beauty brands that carry out major campaigns with top celebrities, 2D4 worked with various beauty influencers who are more familiar with the 15-24-year-old target. Users of 2D4 voluntarily search for content related to cosmetics and purchase and use the brands they see in the content. With that in mind, 2D4 is produced, distributed, advertised and designed to differentiate itself from the competition.

Designed by: Hyunhee Uhm, Seungkwan Kang and Jihyun Song of CJ ENM