The branding design for wyd, a new video commerce platform brand launched by Lotte Homeshopping, Korea’s leading TV home shopping service, promotes honest sharing between content makers and individual consumers.

Designed by: Plus X for LOTTE Homeshopping

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T Factory Brand Identity Design

The brand identity for the T Factory transformed it into a lively, vibrant, and modern design that is more accessible to younger customers. 

Designed by: Hui Kang Yea, Seungkwan Kang, Minhwa Lee, Kyuyoun Kim, and Hyeona Kim of SK Telecom

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EASYDEW Branding Design

The newly developed visual system was designed to be applied to various media, especially digital environments, to expand the brand experience and form a basis for consensus for spreading the brand messages.

Designed by: Hyunjung Yoon and Kyoungjin Yun of Daewoong Pharmaceutical Innovation Design Center for Dncompany

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This visual identity features a logo that looks as if blocks of various shapes are gathered together, embodying the company’s vision to create new value by building and connecting the world. 

Designed by: Designed by Sohee Kim of DL Holdings Co., Ltd.

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VELYS Digital Surgery Brand

Each element of the brand corresponds to one another in form, function, and expression. The system was designed to be iconic, timeless, and flexible based on the idea of digital innovation. 

Designed by: Johnson & Johnson Design and Elevate Healthcare

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Kitsch Cow Butcher Shop

This artistic brand identity features Russia’s exotic architecture to lend a premium sensibility with a kitschy and elegant mood that distinguishes the brand from a traditional butcher shop. 

Designed by: Yoona Lee of YNL Design for Motungi Woo

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T Direct Shop Campaign Brand Identity

The branding for the T Direct Shop includes the identity, the graphic style, a sense of color, and packaging to help users perceive the brand correctly and differentiate it from other brands in the online mobile phone market.

Designed by: Hui Kang Yea, Seungkwan Kang, Minhwa Lee, and Hyeona Kim of SK Telecom

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Century Brand Identity Program

Century designs car seats, strollers, highchairs, and play yards with one overriding goal: to create a happy world for the next century. To get there, the company reaches out to parents who sometimes feel overwhelmed by all that goes into raising children. The new brand identity program celebrates parents, letting them know that Century is there for them with simple, affordable, and uniquely sustainable baby gear. The new brand personality was infused into all aspects of content development, from product names and packaging to web content and social media. The intention was to connect with parents across every brand communication with a touch of humor.

Designed by: Newell Brands Design

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Started in 2014, idus is the largest online platform for the handmade market in Korea. It provides an online marketplace that brings together artists and customers, creating a culture the supports Korea’s growing handmade goods industry. The new branding created diverse stories with the slogan “make your story,” along with flexible graphic motifs. The graphic motifs are based on the characteristic properties and movements of thread, a metaphor that penetrates the entire brand. It symbolizes the notions of handmade and connection, reinforcing its function as a platform that connects artists and customers to celebrate and appreciate handmade goods.

Designed by: Kiyoung Jung, Doohee Lee, Taehee Lee, Hyuncheol Ahn, and Rang Choi of Huskyfox for idus

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The Korean Air X Hyundai Card Credit Card Design

Korean Air X Hyundai Card credit card is the first exclusive airline credit card in Korea. It was created in a partnership between Korean Air, Korea’s largest carrier, and Hyundai Card, Korea’s major credit card company. The card comes in four types: 030, 070, and 150, which are reminiscent of flight numbers, and “The First,” which caters to premium members. Various motifs are applied to the cards to depict the thrill of travel, inspired by a boarding pass, a luggage tag, fuselage rivets, and airplane wings. The premium card depicts views from an airplane window, such as a sunrise, sunset, and aurora.

Designed by: Richard Sungmin Ahn, Kyeongha Lee, Doonam Lee, and Taeseok Choi of Design Lab of Hyundai Card

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