Sendbird Corporate Identity

The graphic motif for Sendbird expresses various types of connections between users, technologies, customers, and services that lead to better shopping experiences, first dates, doctor’s visits, and virtual classrooms. 

Designed by: Hangno Lee, Jungmyung Seo, Yongchang Kang, and Haeun Shim

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Nutrical skin health

The design for this nutricosmetics (nutrition + cosmetics) brand was inspired by the shape of capsules, which suggests that the ingredients and the delivery technologies interact effectively. 

Designed by: Genesis Consulting Group and CKDHC Corp.

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The brand identity for this pet-food brand focuses on the brand persona, Oliver, which was inspired by Mary Oliver’s poem “Dog Songs.” 

Designed by: COPENHAGEN RECIPE, MYKC, Atelier Écriture

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Cafe OOO(Out Of Ordinary) Brand Identity Design

The brand’s visual identity was inspired by the natural elements found on Jeju Island and the café’s beautiful seaside setting with scattered basalt rocks. 

Designed by: Yeon Cheolmin, Na Hyejin, and Hwang Changho of Owhyworks for Cafe OOO.

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Identity Design For Children’s Museum of Iksan National Museum

Iksan-si is a city that flourished in the Baekje period of Korea in the seventh century. It is recognized as a calm and serene city because of its historical value and cultural heritage. Despite the Iksan National Museum being the youngest museum in South Korea, its exhibitions have always been noble and calm. However, the opening of the Children’s Museum has brought forth a dynamic museum focused on bright and lively exhibitions. It has built a unique and powerful identity design as a visual communication method to induce new visitors across the country and revitalize the local culture.

Designed by: Sanghee Park, Jungin Kim, Jaehyeon Park, and Junghun Lim of Kyunghee University for Iksan National Museum

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EGGDROP is a franchise brand of egg sandwiches. The logo expresses an urban identity with the modern silhouette of an egg married to a simple logotype. The city-grid pattern on the packaging symbolizes the EGGDROP stores located throughout a city, creating a well-organized urban system. The primary colors for the brand portray a sense of vitality and modernity with the combination of black, white, and vivid red. The secondary color palette of the sandwich menu expresses EGGDROP’s popular egg sandwiches, such as scrambled, fried, and meringue. 

Designed by: Kyuwon Han, Soomin Kim, and Yujin Kim of River and Rock Design Studio

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City Branding: Yeongdo

City Branding is an open graphic production system that allows people to create their own branding in harmony with the Yeongdo district of Busan, South Korea. A series of workshops educated artists and designers living in Yeongdo on how to use this system to create branding for local businesses. Design projects were then conducted with local small-business owners through which they gained a brand image. The images were born from the municipality’s branding system. As more businesses adopt new branding, the Yeongdo urban landscape will evolve with it, producing a unique visual identity that will reflect the constantly changing image of a place and its people.

Designed by: Yun Jung Ko and Seol Kim of Yeongdo Cultural City Center, Eui Rae Kim, Min Ji Park and Hyun Ji Oh of MixTypeSet, Yea Kyung Yoon, Jiwon Lee and Jae Hyouk Sung of Kookmin University,  Joon Ho Kwon, Eo Jin Kim and Kyung Chul Kim of Everyday Practice, and Kyoung Seok Kwon and Sun Young Im of Sandoll Inc.

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The branding design for wyd, a new video commerce platform brand launched by Lotte Homeshopping, Korea’s leading TV home shopping service, promotes honest sharing between content makers and individual consumers.

Designed by: Plus X for LOTTE Homeshopping

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T Factory Brand Identity Design

The brand identity for the T Factory transformed it into a lively, vibrant, and modern design that is more accessible to younger customers. 

Designed by: Hui Kang Yea, Seungkwan Kang, Minhwa Lee, Kyuyoun Kim, and Hyeona Kim of SK Telecom

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EASYDEW Branding Design

The newly developed visual system was designed to be applied to various media, especially digital environments, to expand the brand experience and form a basis for consensus for spreading the brand messages.

Designed by: Hyunjung Yoon and Kyoungjin Yun of Daewoong Pharmaceutical Innovation Design Center for Dncompany

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