The brand renewal for ACRO, a luxury apartment developer, centered the brand identity around “The Only One,” positioning company as Korea's best provider of high-end living.

Designed by: Hyemi Moon, Jungeol Bae, Sumi Oh, Yongno Yoon and Dongha Kim of QUESERSER, NAMED, Atelier Don-Gha for DAELIM Industrial Co., Ltd.

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From Xoy

For the rebranding of From Xoy, a skincare product line, designers used a unique illustrated design and a letter motif to make it more approachable and introduce a new ingredient, echinacea, to customers.

Designed by: HOHOHO for MANIFEST

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The Serif Visual Identity System

This visual identity system for the Serif was designed to communicate the beautifully crafted furniture-like quality of the TV and to appeal to millennials. In addition to above-the-line media frequently used by existing TV brands, online channels, digital media, and promotional events familiar to millennials were employed. Through this approach, the branding demonstrated how the Serif can be incorporated into any space and help consumers embrace the Serif as a part of their lifestyle. In short, the visual identity system goes beyond a mere TV branding tool to inspire consumers to realize how the product can be more joyfully explored and blend into diverse lifestyles.

Designed by: Taeho Kim, John Taegyu Kim, Jongyun Shin, Hyezin Park and Adam Burgess of Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

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Forge Ahead

To promote Shenzhen Fashion Week, the design team provided a full range of brand services, including a comprehensive brand visual management system that covers print, video, website, print, and environmental. The visual management system compiled and consolidated information, unified the main tones and styles, and managed a series of materials to faithfully present the brand strategy and personalities. The overall tone capitalized on the soul Shenzhen as a young, stylish international city. As part of the initiative, the design team designed a font with 26 letters, numbers, and commonly used punctuation marks. The font is tall, slender, elegant, and beautiful. It looks like a model. The font set was inspired by logo design and can be independently applied within the overall image system.

Designed by: SenseTeam for Shenzhen Fashion Week

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The Sero Visual Identity System

Every first of its kind is met with public doubt about what it is and whether it is truly needed. The Sero, the world’s first rotatable TV, was also in this position, having to convince consumers of the need for a vertically oriented display. It also needed to appeal to millennials, the Sero’s target group, who are confident about what they like and dislike, are willing to embrace change, and are not hesitant to spend in order to satisfy their personal preferences. To capture the eyes and minds of these consumers, the bold visual strategy and language helps them understand this unfamiliar form factor. 

Designed by: Junhyeok Jang, John Taegyu Kim, Taeho Kim, Areum Lee and Jongyun Shin of Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

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Fincap Law - Brand Identity Design

This project updated the law firm’s former conventional logo into a stylized contemporary theme that provides a benchmark design for the legal and financial sector.

Designed by: Dongho Kim and Yunyoung Lee of Wallstreetdocs for Fincap Law LLP

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Haruharu WONDER Brand Identity Design

Haruharu, meaning “everyday" in Korean, is a natural cosmetic brand pursuing honest beauty in basic skincare targeted to those in their early 20s.

Designed by: Jaewon Jeong, Wha Kyung Su, SaeBom Kim, KyoungJin Yoon and BaeJeong Park of DSF Company

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the Green

Created under the slogan “My First Luxury,” the Green is Hyundai Card’s entry-level premium credit card. It was developed for culturally hip and trendy millennials emphasizing the notion of an upscale lifestyle.

Designed by: Richard Ahn, Kyeongha Lee, Doonam Lee, Noah Shin of Design Lab of Hyundai Card

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Space Monitor Visual Identity System

The Space Monitor Visual Identity System expresses the unique functions of the Space Monitor, which is structurally similar to a monitor stand, in a clear and entertaining way by thinking outside the box, just as the monitor itself offers flexible movement. The identity system shows before and after concept images, demonstrating how much workspace the monitor reclaims for users. Also, the pattern graphics that rhythmically express the monitor’s articulation offer visual delight and clearly show what to expect.

Designed by: Yoonhyung Lee, Kwanghyuck So, Junhyeok Jang & Yujin Choi of Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

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SAIB Intimate Cosmetic

While looking at ways to remove the stigma surrounding contraception and to tackle entrenched cultural taboos around women’s sexuality, SAIB & Co. entered the Korean market in fall 2018. The brand name “SAIB” is an inversion of the word “bias,” signaling an overturning of the gender bias in Korea in order to destigmatize women’s engagement with sexual activity. The brand supports female empowerment with a mission to normalize the perception of sexual wellness products, redefining them as a natural and healthy part of life. The brand aims to defy gender-based double standards and to promote more autonomy for women.

Designed by: Jiwon Park & Jungmin Choi of SAIB & Co.

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