Bathrooms, Spas, Wellness


Designed to redefine training and physical activity at home, the NOVA personal climbing wall consists of strategic patterns of cut-outs that create integrated climbing holds. It offers a variety of different routes of varying difficulty levels, which are indicated with light patterns. The wall technology enables users to control route selection and receive personalized training through the NOVA iPhone application.

Designed by Lunar Europe

Contact: Danielle Guttman -


ROOT (De/Humidifier + Air Purifier)

The ROOT (De/Humidifier + Air Purifier) provides an optimum level of humidity and clean air quality. The concept was inspired by Hwa-ro, the traditional Korean brazier. Like the Hwa-ro, ROOT was designed to bring people together into a comfortable living-room atmosphere. Its features are easy to use and convenient.

Designed by Hun-jung Choi and Seung-woo Kim of Coway.

Contact: So-yeon Lee -


APM-1211GH (Air Purifier+humidifier+dehumidifier)


The APM-1211GH is a multifunctional air purifier. It provides clean air purified through a four-step filtration system. Its humidification and dehumidification functions also make any indoor environment as fresh as any natural environment. To maximize usability, the water tanks on both sides, one for humidification and the other for dehumidification, are easily detached with a single touch.