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Akida Airocide Air Purifier

The Akidas Airocide Air Purifier is wrapped in a walnut shell with an etched aluminum lattice. It keeps produce fresh longer, slows flowers from wilting, stops mold growth and eliminates 99.99 percent of harmful particles from the air. A distinctive interior void, made to enhance airflow, is accented by a bright color pop.

Designed by Gadi Amit, IDSA, Yoshi Hoshino, Tom Crisp, IDSA and Inbal Etgar of NewDealDesign LLC for Akida Holding LLC

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TouchOfModern Award: VORTEX

The VORTEX faucet’s hollow body creates a cyclonic waterfall-like effect. This unique design uses up to 45 percent less water than a regular faucet. The VORTEX also has a separate control lever that allows for a variety of installation positions to fit the user’s needs.

Designed by ZeVa GmbH

Contact: Ivy Chen -


G2 Single Bucket Rotating Mop

The G2 single bucket rotating mop is designed to rinse and spin-dry a mop head. The bottom layer of the bucket is designed for rinsing, while the upper layer enables the user to spin-dry the mop head. Its design is suitable for both round- and square-headed mops. The G2 is designed to conserve water by combining functions into one easy-to-use cleaning product.

Designed by Zhu Xuelin, Li Jing, Zhang Xiangcheng and Pang Jianjun of Jiaxing Jackson Travel Products Co., Ltd. 

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Functional Training @Home Series

Functional Training @Home is a fitness product that trains the body for the activities performed in day-to-day life. The system consists of a Fitness Hood and Fitness Ottoman. The hood is used for resistance band training and provides a wall-mount speaker for playing video tutorials, while the ottoman functions as a balance board trainer and stores fitness accessories.

Designed by Yifei Zha, Mrako Fenster, Ryan Crist, Chad Malm, Kyle Neuser, Hanna Tsuhara and Jon Alling of Johnson Health Tech North America

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Self-Cleaning Balls for Cats

The design of Self-Cleaning Balls for Cats appeals to a cat’s playful, curious nature and assists cat owners with the molting problem. To remedy this, the bottom case is a simulated spider web made of wear-resistant electrostatic furs. It can help clean fur and rubbish, and automatically collects the fur and rubbish into a dust storage box when the cat plays.

Designed by Li Zongjie and Zheng Xiaotao of Guangzhou Shiyuan Electronics Co., Ltd.

Contact: Li Zongjie -


Juliet Bathtub

The Juliet bathtub is an edgy yet graceful freestanding plumbing fixture designed to express the owner’s personality. Inspired by antique candy bowls, the Juliet has dramatic fluid lines and an asymmetrical shape that makes it a work of art as much as a bathtub. The Juliet is made in the US with high-quality materials.

Designed by Audrey Newsome of Audrey Newsome Design in collaboration with Russell Adams of MTI Baths

Contact: Michael Kornowa -


Nu Skin Pharmanex Biophotonic S3 Scanner

The Nu Skin Pharmanex Biophotonic S3 Scanner noninvasively measures carotenoid levels in the skin, providing an immediate indication of a person’s overall antioxidant levels. The S3 empowers users to track improvements as they make changes to their diet and lifestyle. The angled display naturally enables shared viewing and a better connection between operator and consumer. 

Designed by Carbon Design Group for Nu Skin

Contact: Barb Mackintosh -



Swivel is a toilet designed to create an independent solution for the transition from wheelchair to toilet. Wheelchair users struggle using common toilets. They often have to rely on family members to help them. The design of the Swivel includes a rotating bar around the back so that as the user moves, the bar moves with them.

Designed by Emily Yanos of Purdue University 

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Elevance Rising Wall Bath

The Elevance Rising Wall Bath is an above-the-floor bath. The sitting area is at chair height, which allows users to comfortably relax without requiring the muscle and body strength normally needed to navigate into and out of the bathtub. It features a rising wall with managed water containment, foot well, grab bar, integral fill, deep water depth, fast fill time and short drain time, bubble massage option and modular construction.

Credits: Kohler Co. Bathing Products Industrial Design Studio and Bathing Products Engineering Department
Contact: Mary Reid:


Philips Sonicare AirFloss HX8181/8141

Using dental floss to clean between teeth can be cumbersome and time consuming, causing a lot of people to skip the process. AirFloss is an effective and easier-to-use alternative to dental floss. It uses a quick burst of compressed air and micro-water droplets to remove harmful plaque bacteria in between teeth. It is fast, painless and efficient.

Credits: Philips Design and Philips Design Consumer Lifestyle team
Corporate Sponsor: Royal Philips Electronics
Contact: Vanessa Meredith: