Karlyn Cleat

This new version of the traditional line and rope-securing device shows there's always room for improvement. Traditional cleats are attached to items in such a way that only one of their sides consistently receives the rope to be secured. A boat's mooring cleats accept line only from their outboard side, for example. The Karlyn introduces an inboard and outboard side that reduces the "constant use factor" and customers report that this new cleat never snags them.

"Elegant, simple, aesthetic… all that with enhanced function too! An innovative brief (which seemed to be, "keep everything the same but vastly improve it!") led to a new modern classic. With a breakthrough insight that despite their typically symmetrical form today's cleats are in fact asymmetrical in use, the designer leveraged the difference to the advantage of the customer. All the same knots can be tied, the lines run neatly where they should, AND there is far less of a snagging cleat to trip over!" -Chris Bangle, IDSA, BMW

Contact: Mark J. Adams, IDSA,
Karlyn Group LLC,

Designers: Karlyn Group LLC