Client: Bombardier Motor Corp. of America

This floating resort is the first jet-powered deck boat that features the stability and socializing space of a pontoon boat without the social stigma. Its classy, muscular appearance is geared toward the 45-year-old leader of his social group who takes care of family and friends. Lowering the bow seating floor by 6" created a safer play area for children and room for a wading pool and fountain. Another thoughtful detail is the spacious head or toilet that accommodates a 6'2" adult standing upright.

"A tough package/concept executed with style, intelligence, and lots of creativity. The designers have managed to introduce safety and feature enhancement in what was once a plain pontoon boat. In doing so, they seem to have created a new kind of boat. More than just an evolution in boat design, the Islandia takes big jumps in combining unique design with well thought out content-it raises the bar for recreational family boating." -Chris Bangle, IDSA, BMW

Contact: David Kalhok,
Bombardier Motor Corp. of America,

Designers: Bombardier Inc., Canada and US