ICON A5 Amphibious Sport Aircraft

The ICON A5 amphibious sport plane was developed in response to the establishment of the Sport Pilot License and Light Sport Aircraft category. Pilots and non-pilots alike appreciate the aircraft’s features, which emphasize the user experience, accessibility, safety and fun. The A5 can fly from both land and water, and has folding wings, enabling it to be towed on a trailer and compactly stored.

"Nearly flawless execution from initial vision to final marketing. This sport plane has elicited high praise from pilots and the aviation industry as a whole. Innovative features and intriguing detailing complete the package. This is a powerful vision that could bring flying to a broader audience."

--John Barratt, IDSA, president and CEO, Teague

Contact: Amy Julian: amy.julian@iconaircraft.com Credit: Steen Strand, Diego Miralles, Kirk Hawkins, Matthew Gionta and Jon Karkow of ICON Aircraft; Randy Rodriguez, Steve Moneypenny, Jim McJunkin, Brenda Parkin and Bruce Campbell, IDSA of Nissan Design America; Troy Lee of Troy Lee Designs; Bill Moggridge, FIDSA and David Kelley; and Stewart Reed of Art Center College of Design Client: