Coasting Experience for Shimano

Coasting is a line of Shimano components and recreational bicycles from multiple manufacturers. It represents an integrated, industry-wide strategy to engage non-cyclists in casual biking. To reach the 160 million US adults who are not riding bikes, Shimano partnered with designers and manufacturers to specify a new biking experience that conjured childhood memories of simple, joyful riding. Enabled by novel features, such as automatic shifting, puncture-resistant tires and coaster brakes, these bikes are easy to ride. In addition, a comprehensive Web site helps people to locate and suggest safe places to ride, and a trade campaign and training curriculum educate salespeople to better serve the recreational non-elite customer.

Credits: Dave Webster, Aaron Sklar, Anthony Piazza, Patrice Martin, Steve Kim and Dana Cho of IDEO, Chad Price, Hans Eckholm, Michael Hammond, IDSA and Eric Bjorling of Trek Bicycle Corporation, Kyle Casteel and Dorik Downing of Raleigh Bicycle, Dennis Lane of Giant Bicycle Inc., D. Lawrence, M. Tatekawa, D. Walton and P. Bush of Shimano American Corporation
Client: Shimano
Contact: Eric Stangarone: