Chevrolet Super Sport Roadster

Client: General Motors Corp

It goes from pickup truck to open-air roadster in less than 30 seconds! A retractable hard top roof splits in half and stacks vertically behind the seats without compromising the large cargo storage compartment. The design team was challenged to blend modern design themes with Chevy's brand heritage, and they responded with a dramatically different architecture and style.

  • Taken from concept to reality in record time, without visual compromise.

"The SSR triples the fun with the contemporary interpretation of classic late '40's Chevy truck design and a sports car retractable upper. It hauls your lifestyle and fuses hot rod heritage, function and fun. It's a hybrid that celebrates multiple American icons." - Amy Hiroshige, IDSA, Manager Design, Mitsubishi Motors Design America

Contact: Jennifer Kissel,
General Motors Corp,

Credit: General Motors Corp and ASC Creative Services