The CAMCOPTER S-100 is a highly versatile, fully autonomous VTOL unmanned helicopter capable of carrying a 55 pound payload for up to six hours. The CAMCOPTER is useful for a wide variety of civil, commercial and military applications, such as mine detection, monitoring environmental or natural disasters, surveillance, anti-terror missions, search and rescue, aerial photography and mapping. The helicopter can complete its entire mission automatically, from takeoff to landing, controlled by a triple-redundant flight computer; although the operator may take over manually at any point during flight. Becaue of its modular design, the CAMCOPTER is portable by two people and easily transported in a light utility vehicle. Compared to previous models, the S-100 offers improved aerodynamics, fuel consumption, speed and payload capacity.

Contact:Irene Schiebel
Schiebel (Austria)
+43 (1) 546 26 41

Credit:heufler design (Austria)

Client:Schiebel (Austria)