BRP, Sea-Doo, Challenger 180

The design objectives for the Challenger 180 sport boat were clear: combine all the amenities found on a conventional 20-foot boat into an 18-foot deck layout that can comfortably carry eight passengers and their gear. The boat is truly innovative in both its styling and the manner in which it maximizes space. Designers integrated the bumper line into the boat’s dynamic curve, visually uniting both hull and deck and giving the Challenger 180 a look like no other boat on the water. Space efficiency was achieved with hide-away storage compartments, minimizing the wall width and an optimized seating arrangement. Following its introduction, the Challenger has exceeded volume expectations making it one of the top selling boats.

Contact:Denys Lapointe, IDSA
BRP Design Team

Credit: BRP Design Team (Canada)

Client: BRP - Bombardier Recreational Products Inc. (Canada)