Best in Show

The 787 Dreamliner features an expansive inner architecture as well as dynamic LED lighting that replicates day-to-night light patterns. In addition, it features dimmable windows 65 percent larger than the competition’s and larger stow bins. It has been one of the most successful commercial airplane launches in the history of aviation with more than 800 orders valued at $164 billion.

"Looking at the design driven research I believe design drove the process and innovations in this plane, again very brave to rethink a dramatic increase in window sizes, openness of space, and even enabling greater moisture levels in the cabin air to reduce dryness. Consider this with the massive reduction in assembly time combined with the 20% increase in fuel efficiency makes this a truly innovative design worthy of Gold." – Morten Warren, I/IDSA, Founder and Principal Creative, Native Design Ltd

Credits: The Boeing Co. Design Team and TEAGUE Design Team

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