Athlete’s Plane

Air travel often hinders athletic performance because of the impact on physical, physiological and cognitive functions—especially when traveling across time zones. The Athlete’s Plane is an interior cabin concept designed to help athletes prepare and recover while traveling to and from away games. A complete training room in the sky, the Athlete’s Plane provides pre- and post-game necessities to maximize performance, readiness and recovery. Amenities include: lie-flat seating to accommodate athletic builds; “plug into plane” compression sleeves to ice sore muscles; a zoned cabin configuration to separate noise; and biometric testing and analysis, in-flight.

Designed by: Annaliese Chapa, Franco Cagnina, Philipp Steiner and Wayne Yutani of TEAGUE; Tinker Hatfield, Toby Hatfield and Thomas Bell of NIKE; and Paul Winsper