2001 Chrysler PT Cruiser

This tall-car in the small car segment is a hot rod with a sensible four-cylinder price that has garnered the highest ratings for "delight" and "emotional attachment" of any vehicle in the industry. Features like a removable shelf, which can double as a tabletop for impromptu tailgate parties, make the interior as unique as the exterior. Additional advantages include improved ingress/egress and generous leg and headroom even for rear seat passengers.

"Taking a small, proven, European people-mover package and giving it a modern hot-rod look was a stroke of genius that only the Americans can get away with-as they are the only ones who can reference their hot-rod roots. This approach may not work in other design disciplines, but in that branch of the profession known as "Car Design" such bold-stroke creations out of our visual heritage are not only appreciated, they are the fuel for the passion that keeps cars relevant in our thoughts and alive in our hearts. Brilliant!" -Chris Bangle, IDSA, BMW

Contact: David C. McKinnon,
Chrysler Group,

Designers: DaimlerChrysler Corp.