Automotive & Transportation

Mercedes-Benz SL 500

The Mercedes-Benz SL 500 has a retractable hardtop that turns the SL into a convertible in 16 seconds, leaving 206 liters of trunk space. Incorporates traditional Mercedes-Benz aesthetics, reflecting power and dynamic elegance. New roof system adds to the rigidity of the car versus a soft-top and dampens noise better. Since its introduction, Mercedes has sold 12,655 cars and many customers are still on a waiting list.

Contact: Benjamin Dimson, IDSA,
Mercedes-Benz Advanced Design,

Credit: DaimlerChrysler AG, Germany

BMW Group's MINI Cooper S

Born out of a challenge issued in 1956, the Classic Mini was eventually voted one of two top automobiles of the 20th century in 1999. In 2000, the all new Mini premierd and reestablished its unique character. Extended interior per exterior dimensions. Best price per value and performance in this class. Built a brand from an existing product ethos. Has go-cart handling and seats up to four people.

"An exercise in the re-birth of a brand identity at its best. This kind of a redesign is not as simple as merely taking design cues from the past. Investigation reveals a clever use of materials and the latest technologies under a familiar shape. The original Mini's 'all four wheels on a corner' concept has been retained, while meeting current safety requirements. The interior sets a new level of quality and high-style design for its price range. This generation of Minis will attract a much larger market than its predecessor." -Tom Matano, IDSA, Director, Industrial Design Department, Academy of Art College.

Contact: Ingrid Falter,

Credit: BMW AG, Germany

Scion xB

The xB targets the growing Gen Y market with aggressive styling and options for customization. The box shape and sharp edges hunker down over its wheels and rises tall and wide with flat panels and 90-degree angels. The second row seats fold flat in a 60/40 configuration and are removable, along with the spare tire, providing a completely flat floor for hauling cargo. This achieves maximum space from minimal exterior dimensions.

  • Exterior appearance accessories—such as alloy wheels, removable roof rack and body side graphics—are available.

Contact: Shin Sano,
Calty Design Research, Inc,

Credit: Toyota Motor Corp, Japan

C-400 Bench Cassette

Client: Thetford B.V., The Netherlands

A self-contained drop-in toilet for motor home use, this device has a fresh water tank for flushing and a removable cassette for disposing of the waste. Motor homes in Europe have strict weight and size restrictions, but this unit solves that problem. It can be fastened to a wall, hooked to a battery, filled with water and it is ready to use.

  • The tank can be filled from an access door outside the vehicle.

  • A vent system draws odor down through the underside of the vehicle

Contact: Dan Delaney, IDSA,
Thetford Corp,

Credit: Thetford Corp, USA and The Netherlands

AJ3136 Clock Radio

To make a clock targeted at young consumers, designers created this fun device. The round device features include easy-to-hold-and-use interface that allows personalization of wake-up sounds, called the "Roll Me Over" function. The display rotates as the clock is rolled over thanks to a directional sensor.

  • Wake-up sounds include sonar, frog, radio and buzzer.
  • Item can be held like a baseball.

Contact: Annemieke Fröger,
Philips Design, The Netherlands

Credit: Philips, China

Intellicare Steam System GC8080

An electronically-controlled steam ironing system, this unit uses two built-in microprocessors to control the water level sensor, which enables the system to deliver a constantly high steam rate. The detachable water tank makes refilling during ironing easy. Other features include an auto-shut off for safety and a large LCD display.

  • Sensors assist in providing consistent temperature and steam levels.
  • The auto-shut off also activates in case of a malfunction.

Contact: Annemieke Fröger,
Philips Design, The Netherlands

Credit: Philips, China and The Netherlands

BabyBjörn BabyCarrier Active

An alternative to a stroller, this carrier provides unique lumbar support, ergonomically designed shoulder straps and head support to the wearer. The straps easily adjust and the device allows important contact between the baby and parent; it is extremely comfortable for both parents and baby. All materials are nontoxic.

  • Made of cotton and polyester, inside is 100 percent cotton.

Contact: Annika Sander,
BabyBjörn AB, Sweden

Credit: ErgonomiDesignGruppen, Sweden and BabyBjörn AB, Sweden

Five Senses Baking Dishes

Made for the person who enjoys cooking as much as eating, each item in the set can be used in different ways, including preparation and presentation. One corner of each dish is formed like a spout to pour sauce or get rid of unwanted liquid. Dishes can be stacked inside each other to save space on the shelf.

  • Lids double as small trays that allow the user to carry hot items without burning their hands.
  • All items are ovenproof, microwave- and dishwasher-safe.

Contact: Yvonne Puschatzki,
KAHLA/Thüringen Porzellan GmbH, Germany

Credit: KAHLA/Thüringen Porzellan GmbH, Germany

Moviebeam Receiver

Client: Buena Vista Datacasting

Moviebeam is Disney's new solution for home entertainment - a subscription based service that delivers 100 movies each month directly into the home by way of a conventional FM signal.

  • Movies can be played, paused and watched over and over, just like a regular video rental for up to one month, with no late fees and no trips to the video store.
  • It had to look good in the living room and it had to accommodate an FM antenna that requires small adjustments for good reception.

Contact: Catherine O'Connor,
415.908.1492 x20,

Credit: fuseproject and Buena Vista Datacasting

Xtended Roller Coaster

Client: Maurer Soehne GmbH & Co KG, Germany

The X-Car allows a whole new range of unique ride figures and turns existing rollercoaster concepts upside down. The modular design of the car allows for different seat configurations, the option of a six-seat ring on rotating cars or the "Drifting Car," which swings out sideways. The new design allows inverted figures without shoulder restraints for forces of up to -1G. The thrill factor can be increased by the use of floorless cars.

Contact: Werner Hartmann,
Hartmann + Hartmann GmbH, Germany

Credit: Hartmann + Hartmann GmbH, Germany and Maurer Soehne GmbH & Co KG, Germany