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Sparse™ Fixed Lighting System

The Sparse™ Fixed Lighting System is a set of front and rear lights designed to integrate with the structure and lines of a bicycle. The lights are installed on the bicycle, reducing the potential for theft, breakage and loss. The lights are bright enough to illuminate the roadway as well as ensure the visibility of the rider.

Designed by Colin Owen, IDSA, Remy Labesque, Raffi Minasian, Ryan Wilday, Jerome Daksiewicz and Joshua Robot of Sparse

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WHILL is a four-wheel-drive personal mobility device that features a tight turning radius, relatively large front wheels, an intuitive mouse controller, foldable arms and an electronically adjustable seat. Its maximum speed is 9 kilometers per hour; it can drive 20 kilometers and handle a 10-degree incline. WHILL Type-A is compatible with VARILITE seating and back support.

Designed by WHILL

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World View

World View is a capsule designed to take passengers on flights to the edge of space. Designed by Priestman Goode and inspired by the studio's work designing luxury aircraft interiors, World View focuses on enhancing comfort onboard the capsule to create a transformative human experience. The flight is between two and six hours at 30 kilometers.

Designed by Nigel Goode, Dan Window, Rob Walsh and Nick Moyes of Priestmangoode for World View Enterprises

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Charge in minutes, for free. Tesla Superchargers allow Model S owners to travel for free between cities along well-traveled highways in North America, Europe and Asia. Superchargers provide half a charge in as little as 20 minutes and are strategically placed to allow owners to drive from station to station with minimal stops.

Designed by Tesla Motors

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2014 Kia Soul

The 2014 Kia Soul was made for urban and suburban fun. If features a hatchback with a refined interior, cutting-edge technology and a striking road presence. The Soul enters 2014 with an all-new design, driving dynamics and desirable features. Riding on a new chassis that is stiffer, longer and wider, it has grown up without losing its edge.

Designed by Kia Design

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Bombardier DS 650 ATV

This "in-your-face" super-sport, all terrain vehicle innovates in both body styling and ergonomics to provide optimum comfort and safety without sacrificing the all important elements of fun and high visibility. New design features include the industry's first front wheel integral fenders to substantially reduce mud splash on both rider and machine and a cowling design that provides the rider with maximum lighting.

Contact: Denys Lapointe, I/IDSA,
Bombardier Inc.,

Designers: Bombardier Inc., Canada and Prevost EHR, Canada

Master Lock Steering Wheel and Airbag Lock

Client: Master Lock Company

Cut this lock in several places and it will remain undefeated. Put it on the steering wheel in any configuration and it is ready to be locked. This is a high-quality, aesthetically refined anti-auto theft device with a unique airbag protector.

Contact: Mark Prince,
Design Continuum, Inc.,

Designers: Design Continuum, Inc. and Master Lock

Control Max Docking System

Client: Maxum Marine

If the controls on a boat operated like a computer mouse, docking might not be as intimidating for novice boaters. That's the concept behind this fingertip control interface that sits subtly next to the steering wheel like a raised set of stainless circles. Moving the control in any direction including sideways will send the boat in that exact direction. Control Max opens boating up to many would-be buyers.

Contact: Mark Bonnette, IDSA,
Bonnette Design Group,

Designers: Bonnette Design Group, Brunswick Research and U.S. Marine

C-Class Automobile

Client: Mercedes-Benz Advanced Design of N.A

Improved automotive processes including material and technology improvements implemented throughout the design, engineering and manufacturing stages of the 2001 Mercedes-Benz C-Class automobiles have led to advanced safety, quality and aesthetics. Reduced emissions and better aerodynamics for improved gas mileage, safety and comfort have been incorporated into the design.

Contact: Benjamin Dimson, IDSA,
Mercedes-Benz Advanced Design of N.A.,

Designers: DaimlerChrysler AG, Germany

New York City Transit R142A Subway Car

Client: MTA New York City Transit

Fulfilling the tastes and needs of 5 million daily subway riders would have been enough of a feat, but the design of the cars for the new technology train that will replace 30 percent of the New York City fleet go far beyond aesthetics. The melamine walls resist "scratchiti" and seat-end railings protect passengers from potential attack by people on the platform.

Contact: Masamichi Udagawa,

Designers: Antenna Design New York Inc. and MTA, Arts for Transit