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The Ultimate Urban Utility Bike: DENNY

With the DENNY bike the team set out to redefine the bike, by making it a more realistic and appropriate choice for your daily commute. The DENNY bike is about returning the rider to those early days of carefree riding inspired by the diverse community and unpredictability of Seattle. Through auto-shifting gears, electric pedal-assist, smart reactive lighting and an integrated handlebar lock, an intuitive biking experience has been created for urban riders. Now you don't have to worry about the hills or an impromptu farmer's market trip. DENNY is the "all in" cycling solution that meets the security, safety and convenience needs of today’s urban dwellers.

Designed by: TEAGUE and Sizemore Bicycle for Oregon Manifest: The Bike Design Project



New York City is a tough proving ground for an urban bike and Merge is meeting the challenge. It’s a compact and nimble ride, offering confidence while navigating tight spaces and providing necessary utility.  Merge’s rear rack snaps open at a moment’s notice, but also can retract when not in use. Its thoughtfully designed features include cargo, lighting, security and even an USB charging port—seamlessly integrated and right where you need them, yet unobtrusive when not in use. Merge offers an elegant and integrated solution to the needs of cyclists.

Designed by: Pensa and Horse Cycles


Husqvarna Motorcycles 401 VITPILEN Concept

With the Husqvarna 401 VITPILEN concept, a small glimpse is given of the future of Husqvarna street biking. Inspired by the brand’s golden age, the concept is pure Husqvarna—high quality, with a rich sense of heritage. The Husqvarna 401 VITPILEN (Swedish for “White Arrow”) draws on the DNA of the iconic 1955 Silverpilen. With a ground-breaking design in its own right—interpreting the clean and cool Swedish simplicity of the classic Silverpilen—it combines functional modern technology, cutting-edge design and high quality hardware to deliver an uncompromised, genuine riding experience for the street. The Husqvarna 401 VITPILEN is very much a progressive motorcycle, where advanced engineering meets authentically pure design. It brings back the honest and pioneering spirit motorcycle riding from the good old days into modern times.

Designed by: Björn Schüster of KISKA for HUSQVARNA Motorcycles GmbH


The EVO Urban Utility Bike

The EVO Urban Utility hybrid bicycle leverages a modular accessory platform for ultimate flexibility.  EVO blends the utility of a city bike with the robustness and geometry of a mountain bike to satisfy the city’s diverse lifestyle and terrain.  It presents a one-bike solution that can take on many different environments and activities. Innovative, quick-connect mounts on the front and rear enable users to rapidly attach or detach cargo accessories that are normally mounted permanently on a bike.  This plug-and-play system is designed to be flexible for a rider’s daily needs, ranging from the attachment of a child safety seat to different racks for carrying everything from groceries to surf boards. These EVO accessories quickly lock into the frame and easily removed when not in use.

Designed by: HUGE Design; FortyOneThirty Cycle Works; and PCH LIME LAB for Oregon Manifest: The Bike Design Project



Representing Team CHI in the Oregon Manifest Bike Design Challenge—an independent invite only platform for bike craft, design and innovation—the team was challenged to design the ultimate urban utility bike. Competing alongside teams from PDX, SF, NYC and SEA, they developed a point of view that was universal, while still being infused with a strong Chicago DNA. With the project kicking off in the middle of one of the worst winters in Chicago’s history, the team couldn’t help but be influenced by the tough, all-weather warriors that commute year-round in the city. The BLACKLINE is tough yet refined, with just the right amount of street savvy. It takes its name from Chicago’s iconic elevated train lines that run throughout the city, non-stop. While the ‘L’ train will get you from station to station, the BLACKLINE is the ride that gives you the freedom to get everywhere in between.

Designed by: MINIMAL and Method Bicycle for Oregon Manifest Bike Design Project


Kia GT4 Stinger

The Kia GT4 Stinger is a rear-drive 2+2 sports car that features the signature Kia grille for maximum engine cooling, vertical LED headlamps, and front-brake cooling vents molded into the bumper to provide a smooth appearance. A carbon fiber front-splitter mounted below the bumper provides added down force for the car at high speed to keep the front tires firmly planted to the tarmac.

Designed by Kia America Design Center

Contact: Thomas Kearns -


Sparse™ Fixed Lighting System

The Sparse™ Fixed Lighting System is a set of front and rear lights designed to integrate with the structure and lines of a bicycle. The lights are installed on the bicycle, reducing the potential for theft, breakage and loss. The lights are bright enough to illuminate the roadway as well as ensure the visibility of the rider.

Designed by Colin Owen, IDSA, Remy Labesque, Raffi Minasian, Ryan Wilday, Jerome Daksiewicz and Joshua Robot of Sparse

Content: Colin Owen -



WHILL is a four-wheel-drive personal mobility device that features a tight turning radius, relatively large front wheels, an intuitive mouse controller, foldable arms and an electronically adjustable seat. Its maximum speed is 9 kilometers per hour; it can drive 20 kilometers and handle a 10-degree incline. WHILL Type-A is compatible with VARILITE seating and back support.

Designed by WHILL

Contact: Chris Koyama -


World View

World View is a capsule designed to take passengers on flights to the edge of space. Designed by Priestman Goode and inspired by the studio's work designing luxury aircraft interiors, World View focuses on enhancing comfort onboard the capsule to create a transformative human experience. The flight is between two and six hours at 30 kilometers.

Designed by Nigel Goode, Dan Window, Rob Walsh and Nick Moyes of Priestmangoode for World View Enterprises

Contact: Anna Meyer -



Charge in minutes, for free. Tesla Superchargers allow Model S owners to travel for free between cities along well-traveled highways in North America, Europe and Asia. Superchargers provide half a charge in as little as 20 minutes and are strategically placed to allow owners to drive from station to station with minimal stops.

Designed by Tesla Motors

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