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Genesis Essentia Concept

Essentia is an all-electric high-performance concept car for the luxury automotive brand Genesis that elevates the company’s signature “Athletic Elegance” design paradigm while providing a vision for future product performance and technology. It also brings sports-car-level performance to the realm of electric luxury coupes with an estimated 0-to-60 time of 3.0 seconds. Inspiration for the Essentia came from the proportions of the iconic Gran Turismo, with a long bonnet and swept-back cabin—but that is where comparisons end. Essentia features a lightweight carbon-fiber monocoque, a multi-motor electric powertrain and a custom-tailored interior. The interior uses a mix of materials influenced by high fashion and classic color combinations: cognac leather seats with chevron quilting, an Oxford blue leather console and seat belt slots composed of glass-pearl aluminum. The design of the battery pack sets Essentia apart. By housing it in an I-shaped structure in the center tunnel, rather than underneath the passenger compartment, Essentia is able to achieve a super-low 50-inch roofline and spacious cockpit-style cabin.

Designed by: Genesis Design Center

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Next Cockpit Experience

The Next Cockpit Experience provides a new mobility solution that supports multiple modes and connects to the IoT. The digital cockpit was integrated into an existing mass-produced vehicle in order to provide a new in-vehicle infotainment user experiences for drivers and passengers.

Designed by: NXD Group, Corporate Design Center, Samsung Electronics Connected Car and Harman



Molinks Electric Motorcycle

The Molinks Electric Motorcycle is a highly intelligent man-machine interactive system that improves the riding experience. The shell can be customized by users to suit their needs and style and to prolong product’s life cycle. With its swappable battery and charging/swapping stations, riders can install a fresh battery in 5 seconds.

Designed by: Liang Lan, Hongpeng Wang, Xiangqi Wang and Tianshi Xu of Beijing Easy Woods Culture Co., Ltd. for Zhisin Holding



MOTOROiD is a proof-of-concept electric motorcycle prototype that employs AI and Yamaha-exclusive technologies aimed at creating an entirely new personal mobility experience. This project examined avenues for enriching the rider-machine relationship and two-wheeled mobility in the future while keeping human operation central.

MOTOROiD employs a dual-lens camera to recognize its owner and sense their biometrics, gestures and movements, enabling it to interact with the rider like a living creature. Autonomously and unassisted, it is capable of standing up or setting down on its kickstand, standing still while upright and moving at slow speeds. MOTOROiD is also equipped with simple, intuitive handlebar controls and with haptic feedback surfaces that envelop the rider to foster a greater sense of unity with the machine . The exterior was left devoid of pomp and polish on purpose to visually capture the process of innovation and the failures involved.

Designed by: Teppei Maezono, Norihiko Kamiya, Natsuki Kono, Kinji Asamura and Masaya Kawashima of Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd.


Halo City

Halo City is a high-performance small folding electric power vehicle. It combines advance production, craftsmanship, modern design and new materials, and will make users’ city life more colorful and diverse. In the market where similar low-end products are proliferating, the challenge was to produce a product to meet the real need of users and to solve the problems of traveling in the inner city. Halo City’s one-step folding footprint and perfect combination of 4+2 travel can satisfy any interlinks between city transportation, solve the last-mile problem for inner-city travel and make travel environmental, convenient and efficient.

Designed by: Beijing Onemile Technology Co., Ltd.


Hyundai 2018 Kona, 2019 Santa Fe & 2019 NEXO

The 2018 Hyundai Kona is a new compact SUV. Kona is Hyundai’s first B-segment crossover for the US market, appealing to consumers with active lifestyles. The 2019 Hyundai Santa Fe is the fourth generation of Hyundai’s best-selling SUV. The new Santa Fe has a family-oriented interior, is loaded with practical and cutting-edge technologies, and has a bold exterior. The all-new Hyundai NEXO combines the practicality of an SUV with clean advanced fuel-cell technology. This next-generation vehicle offers the most advanced technology on the market with various advanced driver assistance systems and the strongest powertrains in the segment.

Designed by: Hyundai


Mack Anthem

The Mack Anthem highway truck is an important step for the iconic 118-year-old brand, which today is the preferred vocational truck in many countries around the world. The Anthem is an all new generation of Mack highway trucks. Anthem is a Class 8 highway truck designed for both long-haul and regional-haul operations and is intended to re-establish Mack as a significant player in the highway segments. This is the new flagship for the Mack brand, embracing a bold new aesthetic DNA, setting the stage for future models to extend the brand’s identity in a modern way.

Designed by: Vincent Lokers, Lukas Yates, Herve Bertrand and Sid Chiang of Mack/Volvo Trucks NA Product Design for MACK Trucks


New Volvo VNL

The new Volvo VNL has been redesigned with significant improvements to ergonomics, aerodynamics, fuel efficiency and performance. The selection of VNL sleeper and day cab models covers a wide range of highway applications, all offering unsurpassed drivability, safety and comfort. Inside the new wide sleepers, drivers will find plenty of space to handle day-to-day demands, whether it’s catching up on paperwork, taking a meal break or getting the rest they need for extended days on the road. Connectivity is no longer a question or concern because the infotainment provides for Bluetooth, USB and power connections throughout the cab and sleeper.

Designed by: Volvo Trucks North America



Niu Technology specializes in electric two-wheel mobility solutions for the urban commute while believing in making a difference as a sustainable lifestyle brand. The U1 scooter was specially designed for use in the city, providing a range of 70 kilometers on full charge, ideal for daily commuting. The NIU E-Scooter application allows users to be constantly connected with their scooter. With integrated GPS tracking and diagnostics, the application alerts the user to the battery level, any malfunctions or when unauthorized movement of the scooter occurs. The U1 scooter is a practical vehicle with better carrying capacity, stronger theft-guard capability and a more pleasing aesthetic.

Designed by: Token Hu of NIU Innovation Lab for Beijing Niu Technology Co., Ltd.



F800 Air DASH CAM can help determine the cause of a vehicle accident and the physical elements that led to the accident, as well as possibly deter theft of the vehicle or its contents—by keeping a watchful eye on external threats. It’s the flagship design of THINKWARE with a next generation, minimal form. F800 Air completes the connected car environment by adopting the concept of IoT. An emergency alert service automatically notifies authorities.

Designed by: Seung Ho Lee, Eun Ho Choi of in-house Design Team at THINKWARE

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