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BMW Z4 Roadster

The BMW Z4 updates the classic look of a roadster with modern, flowing lines. The car's proportions are borne out of the long, low-slung engine compartment lid, short overhangs, long wheelbase and large wheels as well as the low seating position near the rear axle. The completely retractable hardtop blends harmoniously with the roadster’s proportions.

Contact: Ricarda Worbs: Credit: BMW Group (Germany) Client:

BIXI public bike system concept

In this self-serve bicycle program concept, thousands of bikes will be made available to citizens at strategic locations across Montreal. The bikes will become a new component of the public transportation network, providing a practical, ecological and low-cost alternative to the automobile. The system is extremely user friendly, requiring only an access card (bike key) or credit card.

Contact: Bérengère Thériault: Credit: Michel Dallaire of Michel Dallaire Design Industriel (Canada) Client:

Dobber sound barrier

Dobber is a floating sound barrier designed to reduce low-frequency noise pollution emitted by aircraft during takeoff. It transforms between a flat and an upright position by manipulating buoyancy and balance, which is accomplished by changing the water level in the floating structure. Compared to a static barrier, Dobber can be located closer to the source of the sound for more effective noise reduction with a minimum of material and space.

Contact: Michiel Meurs: Credit: Victor van Eekelen, Niels Greif, Mark Illi, Bastiaan Kok, Michelle Kriesels, Jasper Luijer, Michiel Meurs and Paddy Milford of Brandes en Meurs industrial design (Netherlands) Client: Amsterdam Airport Schiphol (Netherlands)

ICON A5 Amphibious Sport Aircraft

The ICON A5 amphibious sport plane was developed in response to the establishment of the Sport Pilot License and Light Sport Aircraft category. Pilots and non-pilots alike appreciate the aircraft’s features, which emphasize the user experience, accessibility, safety and fun. The A5 can fly from both land and water, and has folding wings, enabling it to be towed on a trailer and compactly stored.

"Nearly flawless execution from initial vision to final marketing. This sport plane has elicited high praise from pilots and the aviation industry as a whole. Innovative features and intriguing detailing complete the package. This is a powerful vision that could bring flying to a broader audience."

--John Barratt, IDSA, president and CEO, Teague

Contact: Amy Julian: Credit: Steen Strand, Diego Miralles, Kirk Hawkins, Matthew Gionta and Jon Karkow of ICON Aircraft; Randy Rodriguez, Steve Moneypenny, Jim McJunkin, Brenda Parkin and Bruce Campbell, IDSA of Nissan Design America; Troy Lee of Troy Lee Designs; Bill Moggridge, FIDSA and David Kelley; and Stewart Reed of Art Center College of Design Client:

Motorcycle Padlocks (Cadeados de Moto)

Discrete and modern, and featuring a groundbreaking design, the motorcycle padlocks Rock and Stone made by Pado prevent the wheels from moving when they are attached to the disk brake. They can fit into any disk-brake motorcycle model available on the market, from low cylinder capacity to high performance motorcycles. The padlocks are composed of aluminum, steel, stainless steel and brass, and come in light and dark grey colors. Pado is a market leader in Brazil with a 69% share of the domestic padlock market.


Credit: BMW Group Designworks USA for Pado AS Industrial, Commercial e Importadora (Brasil)

Panasonic Integrated Smart Monitor

The Panasonic Integrated Smart monitor is the very first fully integrated In-Flight Entertainment (IFE) seat designed for commercial aircraft. Combining breakthrough industrial design with practical ergonomic solutions, advanced technologies and innovative materials, it guarantees an unprecedented in-flight experience. The cutting-edge result of a new cross-team, collaborative approach, the design integrates two formally stand-alone products into one superior product that sets the standard for next generation IFE-seat design.

Contact: Sarah Matheny:

Credit: Joshua Maruska, Brandon Lynne and Youjin Nam of TEAGUE; Mehdi Izadyar of Panasonic Avionics Corporation; and Jeff Wegenka of Weber Aircraft LLC 


The Boeing SkyLoft, developed to explore the impact of cabin-accessible facilities in the "crown" area of the new Boeing 747-8 Intercontinental (747-8i), offers a unique opportunity for individual airlines to further satisfy their most valuable customers, and increase brand loyalty via product differentiation. Completely customizable, the SkyLoft can be designed around either business or pleasure, and can feature anything from private sleeping quarters to an open multi-media room, conference area, business center, bar or lounge. Traditionally used to house air conditioning ducts and wiring, a reconfiguration of the crown space could provide an additional revenue stream to help offset the rising operational cost associated with commercial travel as well as support current financial needs and future goals.

Contact: Sarah Matheny:

Credit: Sang Koh, Herman Chan, Chuck Jensen, Kelly Davies and Michael Jaquish of TEAGUE; and Mark King, Dick Johnson and Marc Spane of The Boeing Company

CMYK Electric Bike

The CMYK Elektric is the world lightest folding electric bicycle for short commutes.  This electric bike has the ability to make people smile and enjoy life while helping in the quest for a greener world.    The aim of the product is to complement public transportation in order to reduce the amount of cars on the streets.

Contact: Manuel Saez:

Credit: Manuel Saez, IDSA, Jordi Borras, Andrea Plenter and Jason Lin of manuelsaez ltd

MINI Countryman

The MINI Countryman is in all respects a completely new member of the MINI product family: four doors, a length of over four meters, four separate seats and an optional 4x4 drive.  While its design clearly identifies it as a typical MINI, the Countryman boasts some design features that clearly differentiate it from its other MINI family members--the slightly pentagonal front lights, the new helmet roof and the three dimensional and vertically-positioned rearlights. In the interior, the MINI Centerrail--a unique and individually-configurable storage system--connects the four (or five) seats, and the semicircular door bezels are continuous over both doors, creating a more roomy feeling.

Contact: Ricarda Worbs:

Credit: BMW Group Design of BMW Group (Germany)


A self-propelled skate with hub-less wheels that allow for speed and deep carving on flat grounds, hills or skate parks, FREERIDER is fast, agile and fun.  Snowboarders, skaters, and everyone looking for the thrill of surfing the streets will enjoy the ride.  The large diameter polyurethane wheels ensure both speed and grip, and can roll over typical road obstacles. The frame is made of solid aluminum and the body parts of a durable composite.  At only 7.3 pounds, the FREERIDER folds up easily for carrying and can even sit comfortably over your shoulder, allowing both hands to be free while walking around.

Contact: Alon Karpman:

Credit: Alon Karpman of Brooklyn Workshop and Antonio Meze of for Brooklyn Workshop, Inc.