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The CAMCOPTER S-100 is a highly versatile, fully autonomous VTOL unmanned helicopter capable of carrying a 55 pound payload for up to six hours. The CAMCOPTER is useful for a wide variety of civil, commercial and military applications, such as mine detection, monitoring environmental or natural disasters, surveillance, anti-terror missions, search and rescue, aerial photography and mapping. The helicopter can complete its entire mission automatically, from takeoff to landing, controlled by a triple-redundant flight computer; although the operator may take over manually at any point during flight. Becaue of its modular design, the CAMCOPTER is portable by two people and easily transported in a light utility vehicle. Compared to previous models, the S-100 offers improved aerodynamics, fuel consumption, speed and payload capacity.

Contact:Irene Schiebel
Schiebel (Austria)
+43 (1) 546 26 41

Credit:heufler design (Austria)

Client:Schiebel (Austria)

BRP, Sea-Doo, Challenger 180

The design objectives for the Challenger 180 sport boat were clear: combine all the amenities found on a conventional 20-foot boat into an 18-foot deck layout that can comfortably carry eight passengers and their gear. The boat is truly innovative in both its styling and the manner in which it maximizes space. Designers integrated the bumper line into the boat’s dynamic curve, visually uniting both hull and deck and giving the Challenger 180 a look like no other boat on the water. Space efficiency was achieved with hide-away storage compartments, minimizing the wall width and an optimized seating arrangement. Following its introduction, the Challenger has exceeded volume expectations making it one of the top selling boats.

Contact:Denys Lapointe, IDSA
BRP Design Team

Credit: BRP Design Team (Canada)

Client: BRP - Bombardier Recreational Products Inc. (Canada)

500 Very Light Jet

The Eclipse 500 is a small twin-engine turbofan jet aircraft that seats six people, including the pilot. It is also the first very light jet to receive approval from the FAA. One of the design challenges was to ensure that the Eclipse 500, despite its small size, exudes the high performance and luxury of a full-size jet. Taking cues from the automobile industry, the Eclipse 500 has a fully integrated exterior and interior design with a consistent design language. The jet has a highly mechanized, automated, modular build, much like a model kit. It takes two hours to assemble the interior (versus three to six weeks for conventional jets) and an average of four days to assemble the entire jet (as opposed to three months). The Eclipse 500 is currently the least-expensive high-performance twin-engine jet to own and operate. Since Eclipse Aviation was founded in 2000, it has sold more than 2,500 jets.

Contact: Whitney Mortimer

Credit: IDEO and Eclipse Aviation

Client: Eclipse Aviation Corporation

Yakult Yogurt Delivery System

This is a transportation system for the Yakult delivery person, who delivers Yakult probiotic yogurt drinks door-to-door every morning throughout South Korea. Although Yakult beverages can be purchased in stores, many South Koreans prefer home delivery, in the same way that milk was delivered to American front doors during much of the 20th century. The intention of this transportation system was to help the 13,000 Yakult Ladies, whose ages range from 20 to 60, with the physical challenges of their job, while enabling them to feel proud of their association with the Yakult brand and their important role in Korean daily life.

Credits: Continuum for Korea Yakult Co. Ltd.
Contact: Mike Arsenault:


Fold-Up Utility Trailer

This innovative fold-up utility trailer has an easy-to-operate crank that compacts the trailer into a mere 29 inches wide—approximately 50 percent of its flatbed size—in less than 90 seconds. The trailer is an ideal hauler for homeowners with limited storage space, the perfect size to stow in the back corner of the garage while still leaving plenty of space for cars. Available in three different sizes, the trailer holds up to 1,000–1,500 lbs. and includes removable front and rear gates that double as ramps for easy loading and unloading. The trailer also comes with a full light kit with a brake, turn signals, tail lamps and a wire harness for safety.

Credits: Mitch Johnson, Jered Larsen and David Winter of Lifetime Products
Contact: Melissa Kuhn:


BRP Can-AM™ SPYDER™ roadster

The Can-AM™ SPYDER™ roadster combines the open-air benefits of a motorcycle with many of the convenience features of a traditional roadster to define a new paradigm for an on-road power sport vehicle. The unique Y-architecture with three wheels (two in the front, one in the rear) provides stability at rest and in motion, balancing performance needs with safety concerns. The Vehicle Stability System, which includes ABS, traction control and stability control, comes as standard on each vehicle. This makes the SPYDER™ roadster user-friendly and the road accessible to many people who want to enjoy the open-air experience.

Credits: BRP Design & Innovation Team of BRP Inc.
Contact: Denys Lapointe, IDSA:


Guardian Safety Seat

The Guardian Safety Seat was designed to solve the problem of safely restraining children and infants who must accompany a parent or caregiver in an ambulance. Current devices in use in ambulances are cumbersome to stow, hard to install and time consuming to use, especially in emergency situations. The design of the Guardian Safety Seat will not allow for incorrect installation; the carrier is already attached to the main seat frame and simply lifts and locks into the recommended 45-degree angle in seconds. It can accommodate both infants (5-22 lbs.) and children (23-85 lbs.).

Credits: Dosun Shin, IDSA, Nathan Patulski and Jordan Meyers of Arizona State University
Contact: Dosun Shin, IDSA:


TakeOff Children Buggy

TakeOff is the ideal child’s buggy for those on the go, especially air travelers; it can fit in the overhead compartment or underneath the seat of an airplane. In just two simple steps the patented mechanism lets you fold the buggy into a compact shape, and with its handy shoulder bag you are free to move just about any place. With its lightweight aluminum frame, the agile, nimble and ergonomic buggy weighs only 16 pounds. Its removable, washable seat cushion, removable shopping bag and sunscreen serve the demanding needs of moms, dads and kids.

Credits: Heiko Tullney, Karel Golta, IDSA and Volker Schumann of SOLUTIONS Branding & Design Companies AG
Client: ABC Design and Christian Haeggberg
Contact: Karel Golta, IDSA:


Rosenbauer Panther

The Rosenbauer Panther is a high-performance fire engine for airports. With eight direct-drive wheels, an operating weight of 40 tons, a capacity of 3,830 gallons (14,500 liters) of fire extinguishing agents and a maximum speed of 87 mph (140 km/h), this new 8x8 model is the highest quality airport fire-fighting vehicle available.

Credits: Daniel Huber of Spirit Design
Client: Rosenbauer International AG
Contact: Daniel Huber (00) 43 1 367 79 79 16


Coasting Experience for Shimano

Coasting is a line of Shimano components and recreational bicycles from multiple manufacturers. It represents an integrated, industry-wide strategy to engage non-cyclists in casual biking. To reach the 160 million US adults who are not riding bikes, Shimano partnered with designers and manufacturers to specify a new biking experience that conjured childhood memories of simple, joyful riding. Enabled by novel features, such as automatic shifting, puncture-resistant tires and coaster brakes, these bikes are easy to ride. In addition, a comprehensive Web site helps people to locate and suggest safe places to ride, and a trade campaign and training curriculum educate salespeople to better serve the recreational non-elite customer.

Credits: Dave Webster, Aaron Sklar, Anthony Piazza, Patrice Martin, Steve Kim and Dana Cho of IDEO, Chad Price, Hans Eckholm, Michael Hammond, IDSA and Eric Bjorling of Trek Bicycle Corporation, Kyle Casteel and Dorik Downing of Raleigh Bicycle, Dennis Lane of Giant Bicycle Inc., D. Lawrence, M. Tatekawa, D. Walton and P. Bush of Shimano American Corporation
Client: Shimano
Contact: Eric Stangarone: