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BabyBjörn BabyCarrier Active

An alternative to a stroller, this carrier provides unique lumbar support, ergonomically designed shoulder straps and head support to the wearer. The straps easily adjust and the device allows important contact between the baby and parent; it is extremely comfortable for both parents and baby. All materials are nontoxic.

  • Made of cotton and polyester, inside is 100 percent cotton.

Contact: Annika Sander,
BabyBjörn AB, Sweden

Credit: ErgonomiDesignGruppen, Sweden and BabyBjörn AB, Sweden

Five Senses Baking Dishes

Made for the person who enjoys cooking as much as eating, each item in the set can be used in different ways, including preparation and presentation. One corner of each dish is formed like a spout to pour sauce or get rid of unwanted liquid. Dishes can be stacked inside each other to save space on the shelf.

  • Lids double as small trays that allow the user to carry hot items without burning their hands.
  • All items are ovenproof, microwave- and dishwasher-safe.

Contact: Yvonne Puschatzki,
KAHLA/Thüringen Porzellan GmbH, Germany

Credit: KAHLA/Thüringen Porzellan GmbH, Germany

Moviebeam Receiver

Client: Buena Vista Datacasting

Moviebeam is Disney's new solution for home entertainment - a subscription based service that delivers 100 movies each month directly into the home by way of a conventional FM signal.

  • Movies can be played, paused and watched over and over, just like a regular video rental for up to one month, with no late fees and no trips to the video store.
  • It had to look good in the living room and it had to accommodate an FM antenna that requires small adjustments for good reception.

Contact: Catherine O'Connor,
415.908.1492 x20,

Credit: fuseproject and Buena Vista Datacasting

Xtended Roller Coaster

Client: Maurer Soehne GmbH & Co KG, Germany

The X-Car allows a whole new range of unique ride figures and turns existing rollercoaster concepts upside down. The modular design of the car allows for different seat configurations, the option of a six-seat ring on rotating cars or the "Drifting Car," which swings out sideways. The new design allows inverted figures without shoulder restraints for forces of up to -1G. The thrill factor can be increased by the use of floorless cars.

Contact: Werner Hartmann,
Hartmann + Hartmann GmbH, Germany

Credit: Hartmann + Hartmann GmbH, Germany and Maurer Soehne GmbH & Co KG, Germany

Upper Class Suite

Challenged to redefine Business Class with extremely rigid space constraints, the designers' innovative solution freed up previously inaccessible space and converted it to passenger space. The Upper Class Suite provides passengers with a luxury leather armchair to relax in which flips over into a separate bed with a mattress at the touch of a button, creating the most comfortable bed and the most comfortable seat in the air without compromising either. This is the first airline seat in which passengers can recline as soon as they get on board, because passengers can take-off and land in any seated position.

"This upper class suite cabin redefines the experience of Business Class flight. This is an experience one would get in a luxury lounge or reserved for the haute restaurant. Ingenious utilization of space in a constraint environment and a return to the glamour of the Golden Age of airline travel." - Amy Hiroshige, IDSA, Manager Design, Mitsubishi Motors Design America

Contact: Joe Ferry, I/IDSA,
Virgin Atlantic Airways Ltd, United Kingdom
+44(0)1293 747 068,

Credit: Virgin Atlantic Airways Ltd, United Kingdom; Pearson Lloyd Design Ltd, United Kingdom; and Design Q Ltd, United Kingdom

BMW R 1200 GS Motorcycle

This dual purpose off road/touring bike inspires growls of "…sweet!" By reducing the weight by 30 lbs. and increasing horsepower, BMW has made an easier handling bike with a more exciting ride.

  • The appearance communicates a natural progression of the BMW product line.
  • By integrating the "beak" into the lines of the vehicle, more compactness and a better look is achieved.

"With this model, BMW Motorrad has set the standard in the dual-purpose class. This kind of ease of handling and safety, combined with a striking look and incredible attention to detail, redefines the premium two-wheeler." - Amy Hiroshige, IDSA, Manager Design, Mitsubishi Motors Design America

Contact: Ingrid Falter,
BMW AG, Germany

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Credit: BMW AG, Germany

Toyota Prius

Creating a synergy between ecology and fun, the designers of this second generation Prius have blasted away the "boring" image of environmentally friendly hybrid automobiles. A clean aerodynamic form gives this 4-door sedan "car of the future" styling. Driver control and display systems have been reinvented and are now maximum user-friendly.

  • The inconvenience of plugging in to recharge has been eliminated.
  • Toyota used plant-derived Toyota Eco-Plastic and recyclable materials, improved dismantling efficiency and reduced lead and PVC.

"The Prius suits both car and environmental enthusiasts. The second iteration of Prius shows Toyota's commitment to a shift away from fossil fuel. The aerodynamic shape and modest wheel set convey responsibility towards the ground it treads on, while beneath is power train management that is beauty to the mind." - Amy Hiroshige, IDSA, Manager Design, Mitsubishi Motors Design America

Contact: Shin Sano,
Calty Design Research, Inc,

Credit: Techno Art Research Co, Ltd. and Toyota Motor Corp., Japan

Chevrolet Super Sport Roadster

Client: General Motors Corp

It goes from pickup truck to open-air roadster in less than 30 seconds! A retractable hard top roof splits in half and stacks vertically behind the seats without compromising the large cargo storage compartment. The design team was challenged to blend modern design themes with Chevy's brand heritage, and they responded with a dramatically different architecture and style.

  • Taken from concept to reality in record time, without visual compromise.

"The SSR triples the fun with the contemporary interpretation of classic late '40's Chevy truck design and a sports car retractable upper. It hauls your lifestyle and fuses hot rod heritage, function and fun. It's a hybrid that celebrates multiple American icons." - Amy Hiroshige, IDSA, Manager Design, Mitsubishi Motors Design America

Contact: Jennifer Kissel,
General Motors Corp,

Credit: General Motors Corp and ASC Creative Services

BMW Mini Convertible

BMW wanted to build on its popular MINI vehicle by offering a convertible model. The challenge was to integrate a fully automatic soft top and sunroof in an 11-foot dimension. All components also needed to be carefully designed in line with the MINI design language. To address space concerns, the top stows efficiently behind the rear seats still leaving space in the trunk, which is accessed by a rear fold-down door. The rollover bar behind the back seats engenders feelings of safety and aesthetically complements the MINI brand. Operation of the convertible top is as easy and intuitive as all the car's other features.

Contact: Ingrid Falter,
BMW Group, Germany,
49 89 382 43448,

Credit: BMW AG, Germany

Goodyear Assurance Featuring TripleTred Technology

The Goodyear Assurance tire is the first mass-market tire with three distinct tread zones. The outer zones are designed for dry performance, the intermediate zones are optimized for wet performance and the center zone is for ice performance. The tire features a directional tread pattern with long, sculpted, sensual shapes that draw the consumer's attention. It looks different, and it looks like it will perform to its claimed abilities. The aggressive appearance helps the dealer explain the tire's benefits and technology to consumers. This simplifies the purchasing decision of consumers who place safety as a priority. The Assurance line is the most successful product launch in Goodyear's history. Actual demand is three times above initial estimates, and Goodyear has expanded production from one plant to four.

Contact: Tricia Ingraham,
The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company, USA,

Credit: The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company