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KIA Concept EV9

Concept EV9 is Kia’s vision for its first all-electric SUV. It is a mid-size seven-seater all-purpose vehicle that fuses big SUV attitude with full EV credentials. 

Designed by: Kia Design

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Spin S-100T Shared E-Scooter

The Spin e-scooter was designed from the ground up to provide a superlative rider experience while minimizing downtime for charging and maintenance with its hot-swappable battery. 

Designed by: Fred Bould, IDSA, Anson Cheung, IDSA, Scott Shumaker, Nick Dean, and Josh Cope-Summerfield of Bould Design for Spin

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KS2 Electric Scooter

The KS2 Electric Scooter offers a compact, dynamic, and approachable last-mile transportation solution for young commuters and city dwellers. Its three speed levels adapt it to different terrains and scenes. 

Designed by:  Industrial Design Center of Yadea Technology Group Co., Ltd.

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J-Connect provides a human-machine interaction solution for the Jetta. With a 10.11-inch screen, it adopts dual desktop modes with flexible and customizable modular interfaces to facilitate information acquisition during driving. 

Designed by: Jiao Wang, Yingrui Duan, Wei Luo, Qiaoling Zhong, and Ran Yan of FAW-Volkswagen AUTOMOTIVE CO., LTD

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NR22 - Endurance Racing Brake Caliper

Designed for endurance racing, which requires the highest of performances, the NR22 brake caliper reduces the weight relative to the base caliper by 7%, providing greater durability and controllability. 


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Wireless EV Charging System

The Wireless EV Charging System provides a seamless charging experience for users by linking the charger to its app, which shows real-time information and can control the charger. 

Designed by: Genesis Design Center for Hyundai Motor Company / Citrus Design

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Sea-Doo Switch

The Sea-Doo Switch vehicle architecture offers a versatile layout that can evolve with a day on the water. Aimed at the first-time young family boaters, it provides the stability of a pontoon and the agility of a deck boat. With its breaking and on-a-dime maneuverability, it is the easiest boat to dock in the pontoon category. Its configurability, inspired by children’s building blocks, enables you to quickly “Switch” up seating, storage, and accessories—choosing from almost 100 items—for a solo fishing trip in the morning, a wakeboard session with the family in the afternoon, and a cocktail with friends in the evening.

Designed by: BRP Design & Innovation Team

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Nuro Zero-Occupant Autonomous Delivery Vehicle

Nuro is a zero-occupant autonomous vehicle intended for last-mile goods delivery. It is designed to deliver the things people need—from produce to prescriptions—from neighborhood businesses to reduce community dependence on cars. The zero-emission vehicles are powered with 100% renewable energy. Of all personal car trips in the US, 43% are for shopping and errands. By using Nuro to deliver goods, communities can experience safer roads, more equitable access, and cleaner air, and they regain the time that would have otherwise been spent on running errands.

Designed by: NURO Design Team

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DV6 Electric Bicycle

The DV6 is a small V-shaped electric scooter with various smart systems for safety and convenience. Turn it on simply by sitting on it. Sensors built into the saddle detect when the rider mounts the bike, and the bike does the rest. It locks automatically once you hop off and can be unlocked through Bluetooth, an app, or NFC technology. The built-in headlights with sensors adjust according to the brightness. It is 3 kilograms lighter and 5–7 centimeters shorter in both length and height than a regular electric scooter, making it easy to ride, carry, and push around.

Designed by: Industrial Design Center of Yadea Technology Group Co., Ltd.

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Y80 Electric Bicycle

The Y80 is an electric bicycle designed for commuting, exploring your city, and even exercising. With its simple and stylish body, it features prominent lines, eye-catching wheels, and a single right-arm structure. It is also foldable, compacting down to only 1 meter in length, width, and height, making it easy to slide into a car trunk. The Y80 will refresh people’s idea of a bicycle from the point of view of both appearance and function. In addition to its stylish, healthy, and modern functionality, it’s also an engaging work of art.

Designed by: Industrial Design Center of Yadea Technology Group Co., Ltd. and Luca

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