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Sea-Doo Switch

The Sea-Doo Switch vehicle architecture offers a versatile layout that can evolve with a day on the water. Aimed at the first-time young family boaters, it provides the stability of a pontoon and the agility of a deck boat. With its breaking and on-a-dime maneuverability, it is the easiest boat to dock in the pontoon category. Its configurability, inspired by children’s building blocks, enables you to quickly “Switch” up seating, storage, and accessories—choosing from almost 100 items—for a solo fishing trip in the morning, a wakeboard session with the family in the afternoon, and a cocktail with friends in the evening.

Designed by: BRP Design & Innovation Team

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Nuro Zero-Occupant Autonomous Delivery Vehicle

Nuro is a zero-occupant autonomous vehicle intended for last-mile goods delivery. It is designed to deliver the things people need—from produce to prescriptions—from neighborhood businesses to reduce community dependence on cars. The zero-emission vehicles are powered with 100% renewable energy. Of all personal car trips in the US, 43% are for shopping and errands. By using Nuro to deliver goods, communities can experience safer roads, more equitable access, and cleaner air, and they regain the time that would have otherwise been spent on running errands.

Designed by: Ben Julian, Bryan Thompson, Nick Barkley, Anke Bodack, and Daniel Hundt for Nuro

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DV6 Electric Bicycle

The DV6 is a small V-shaped electric scooter with various smart systems for safety and convenience. Turn it on simply by sitting on it. Sensors built into the saddle detect when the rider mounts the bike, and the bike does the rest. It locks automatically once you hop off and can be unlocked through Bluetooth, an app, or NFC technology. The built-in headlights with sensors adjust according to the brightness. It is 3 kilograms lighter and 5–7 centimeters shorter in both length and height than a regular electric scooter, making it easy to ride, carry, and push around.

Designed by: Industrial Design Center of Yadea Technology Group Co., Ltd.

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Y80 Electric Bicycle

The Y80 is an electric bicycle designed for commuting, exploring your city, and even exercising. With its simple and stylish body, it features prominent lines, eye-catching wheels, and a single right-arm structure. It is also foldable, compacting down to only 1 meter in length, width, and height, making it easy to slide into a car trunk. The Y80 will refresh people’s idea of a bicycle from the point of view of both appearance and function. In addition to its stylish, healthy, and modern functionality, it’s also an engaging work of art.

Designed by: Industrial Design Center of Yadea Technology Group Co., Ltd. and Luca

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Genesis G90

As the flagship for the Hyundai Genesis line, the G90 offers both excellent driving performance and the latest technology. The G90 aims for a timeless design. The interior conveys a progressive, warm image by synergizing two main themes: a digital sensibility based on advanced technology and an analog sensibility with sophisticated details that consider intuitive usability. Through this, the “beauty of white space,” which is a unique Korean aesthetic element and a major direction pursued in the interior design, has been reinterpreted for a high-end luxury sedan.

Designed by: Genesis Design Center for Hyundai Motor Company

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E-pit Ultra-Fast Charging Station

This new electric vehicle charging station was designed to alleviate customer anxiety. To inform their work the design team analyzed user charging journeys for different types of vehicles in various environments.

Designed by: Taewon Hong and Donghyun Kim of the Hyundai Design Center, Hyundai Design Innovation Group and Junghyun Cho and Jinyoung Kim of Citrus Design

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Hyundai IONIQ 5

The IONIQ 5 is a midsize compact utility vehicle and is the first model in Hyundai’s new IONIQ brand dedicated to battery electric vehicles (BEV). The IONIQ 5 is built upon a BEV architecture called E-GMP (electric-global modular platform), enabling it to have unique proportions on an elongated wheelbase. The spacious, customizable interior feels like a home away from home and includes eco-friendly materials for many touchpoints. Its strong performance, ultra-fast charging, advanced connectivity, and driver assistance offer the ultimate driving experience while ensuring safety.

Designed by: Hyundai Design Center

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ST-One is a 20-inch shaft-drive foldable intelligent e-bike. It was developed to provide a short-distance travel tool for urban users. The whole vehicle is composed of less than 10 modules. It replaces the traditional chain drive with a maintenance-free shaft-drive design, giving users a much smoother and safer riding experience. The built-in smart sensor detects the riding terrain in real time and adjusts the power output accordingly. With the introduction of a pressure casting technique, the vehicle is more impact-resistant and stronger. It was designed for easy manufacturing and easy maintenance while reducing the waste of raw materials.

Designed by: Fan Feng for HONGJI

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Uber Beacon

The Uber Beacon is a simple and effective tool designed to make the rideshare experience more effective and seamless. It is Uber’s latest dashboard-mounted visual communication device that helps drivers and riders find one another faster and more reliably. The sensor technologies provide more precise pick-up and drop-off locations. Its bright U-shaped light makes Uber car recognition a snap, even in bad weather. The light’s color can be personalized on your app, or riders who are colorblind can set it to flash at a certain rate. The interior-facing LED matrix display can give riders safety tips, such as “wear your seatbelt,” “exit curbside,” or “watch out for cyclists.” 

Designed by: Dan Harden, IDSA, Elliot Ortiz, Britt Jensen, and Kellee Kimbro of Whipsaw Inc. for Uber and Monina Dolan of Uber

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The NEOLIX X3 is a full-stack L4 autonomous vehicle. It features multiple radar and vision capabilities and is equipped to guarantee L4 autopilot capability. The rounded shape and aerodynamic body design reduce the cognitive pressure of new users to ensure NEOLIX X3 interacts with consumers easier. The intelligent battery system allows for 24/7 operations, and the modular design powered by AI capabilities can adapt to multiple scenarios. The large multi-touch screen, multi-mic array, loud volume speaker, and multi-channel interactive hardware are suitable for outdoor conditions. The NEOLIX X3 can be easily used and maintained through an app on a mobile device.

Designed by: Yang Zhe, Bian Qingqiu, Wang Chao, and Si Getai of NEOLIX

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