ApniCure® Winx™ Sleep Therapy System

ApniCure’s Winx® System is an innovative medical device for treating obstructive sleep apnea. The system operates by applying a gentle negative pressure through a novel mouthpiece to urge airway-obstructing tissues (soft palate and tongue) forward, thereby keeping the airway open during sleep. The Winx System consists of a quiet, microprocessor-controlled, bedside console connected to a fitted mouthpiece with small flexible tubing. The console generates the negative pressure, collects excess saliva and provides operation and usage feedback with lighted indicators and data ports (USB and SD card). The Winx System is simple to use, comfortable, compact and travel friendly—offering many advantages over the current standard of care (CPAP) by eliminating the need for a facemask, headgear, humidifier and pressurized air.

Designed by: Ariel Turgel, IDSA, Dan Harden, IDSA and Kyle Buzzard of Whipsaw, Inc.; and Matt Vaska, Jonathan Podmore and Jed Crowe for ApniCure, Inc.

Contact: sieglinde@whipsaw.com