Audra Norvilas

Audra Norvilas
Design Director, Industrial Design

Audra Norvilas has over 10 years of Industrial Design experience working with companies such as Wrigley, Hospira, Thermos, and Unilever.  Throughout her career, she has touched a wide range of products including furniture and interior design for Michael Graves Company, collections for CB2 and Room & Board, and housewares for Target and JCPenny.  Norvilas also ran Studio Murmur, her design consultancy in Chicago, that has launched a new beverageware line, Zing Anything, as well as several furniture collections.

Cutting Through the Clutter: How to Design With Brand In Mind  

The world is changing, but in many cases design has not progressed. Companies that have died — Borders, Blockbuster, Linens ‘n Things — did so because they failed to understand the new roll of design and innovation, and the ways that consumers expect the brands they love to grow with them. With the number of players and the pace of the industry both continuing to increase, there’s no question that the role of a designer has changed. But how do you cut through the clutter to ensure that you’re delivering innovative and memorable brand experiences for consumers without compromising the equities of a brand? This hands-on workshop will discuss the evolving role of designers in the boardroom, the keys to designing with the brand in mind, and why a holistic approach to product and packaging design leads to effective, results-driven solutions.