Ari Elefterin

Ari Elefterin
Industrial Designer and Researcher

Ari Elefterin is a New York City-based industrial designer and researcher focused on experimental process and the human body. Her multi-disciplinary exploration of communication extends from global commercial art direction at Nike—to contemporary dance and water advocacy.

Through a prioritization of the bodily experience, Elefterin’s work seeks to redefine holistic human health in the constructed environment. She is a winner of the Cradle to Cradle Design Challenge, and shows her work in galleries across the nation. Elefterin is a graduate of the first cohort of the Parsons School of Design’s MFA ID program.

Being in Touch: Design Tools for Navigating Innate Human Needs in the Modern Workplace

Ari Elefterin challenges participants to reframe their understanding of touch in design. Through a participatory workshop experience and an experimental methodological framework, she brings together traditional industrial design practice, somatic therapy and improvisation to solidify the inherent role of touch in dynamic and creative thinking.