Ann-Marie Conrado, IDSA

Ann-Marie Conrado, IDSA
Assistant Professor, Industrial Design
University of Notre Dame

Ann-Marie Conrado, IDSA, is an assistant professor in industrial design at the University of Notre Dame. She champions the practice of social design in line with her research in Nepal.

Before returning to academia, Conrado was an award-winning designer with Insight Product Development. For the last decade, she has worked with an international clientele to use her design and anthropology background to help organizations innovate.

She is also the founder of HOPE Initiative, an international nonprofit working to utilize design thinking to address humanitarian concerns in developing countries.

The Transformation of Dairy

Consumer behavior, particularly in the area of food consumption can often seem opaque, inconsistent and irrational. The marketing of health thrives on confusion, seeded by those with a message to sell and undermining public trust in science-based nutrition.

In a groundbreaking partnership, Ann-Marie Conrado, IDSA,of the University of Notre Dame and her consulting group Core, will share how her collaboration with Dairy Management, Inc. (DMI)—the organization representing America’s 45,000 dairy farmers—is using design to change the face of an industry.

Conrado will share the larger, strategic roadmap for their engagement, insights from the recently completed deep dive core values ethnographic study and how they’re translating those insights into actionable interventions for enterprises throughout the value chain.