Andrea Small

Andrea Small
Director of Product and Portfolio Strategy
Herman Miller

Andrea Small is director of product and portfolio strategy at Herman Miller. She is passionate about design from vision and story down to the pixel and part-line.

Before immersing herself in the world of work at Herman Miller, Small was a Teaching Fellow at Stanford’s, where she was one of the first professionals (and non-Stanford grads) hired to the role. At the, she designed experimental learning experiences on topics such as ambiguity or critique—and taught design thinking to students and executives.

Before the, Andrea spent five years at fuseproject—the design firm of Yves Béhar, IDSA, where she led strategic efforts for clients including Nivea, Starbucks, British Gas, GE, Nike Foundation and Samsung.

Small has a BA in architecture from Miami University and a master’s of design in human centered product design from IIT Institute of Design. She holds multiple design awards and patents.

Untold Stories of Women in Design

When people think about the legends of design at Herman Miller, they think of Nelson, Noguchi, Rohde, Girard, Stumpf, Chadwick. Even when people think of the Ray and Charles Eames, Ray sometimes gets sidelined. In her talk, Small will share untold stories of the women behind some of the most iconic designs of our time.