Allie Miller

Allie Miller
Project Manager
Spark Corps

Allie Miller is program manager at Sparks Corps, where she oversees creative direction and organizational growth efforts. Miller began as a Spark Corps apprentice and transitioned into a staff position in August of 2015.

She’s also pursuing a master’s degree in industrial design from the Georgia institute of Technology. Miller is a volunteer at the Museum of Design Atlanta (MODA) and an avid traveler.

Previously, she worked in clinical healthcare and public health policy. Miller holds a BFA from Mount Holyoke College in Massachusetts.

Unpacking Social Impact

The ultimate goal of good design is to create a product or service that impacts the user in some beneficial manner. But as our culture becomes increasingly complex, how do we define “benefit”—and more importantly—“impact.”

Can design impact a user not only in their immediate interaction—but in the larger social, economic and environmental ecosystem of the user? If a design benefits the user—but negatively impacts their community—is it really “good design?”

Allie Miller of Spark Corps will work to answer the question, “What is social impact design?” through the lens of what we are designing; how it is being designed; and who are the designers.