Alisan Atvur


Alisan Atvur
Senior User Research Lead at Device Research & Development at Novo Nordisk

Alisan Atvur is user experience research specialist at Novo Nordisk A/S in Denmark. His work focuses on improving the experience of living with chronic diseases. His previous work has influenced Fortune 100 companies in finance, consumer electronics, IOT, and retail strategy.



Medical Design Deep Dive 2020 Session Description

Designed in Denmark, with Care: Leaders from Novo Nordisk, Coloplast, and Falck Discuss Insights, Opportunities, and Futures

In 2019, Denmark was ranked 1st in the Legatum Prosperity Index and 2nd for Quality of Life by the US News & World Report. The designers of Denmark have envisioned the Sydney Opera House, designed chairs enjoyed by U.S. president John F. Kennedy, and launched the INDEX: Award (sometimes referred to as the Nobel Prize of design). Denmark’s unique design history is rooted in simplicity, functionality, materiality, and sustainability. These fundamentals continue driving design and innovation in Denmark and serve cornerstones within Danish healthcare companies.

In this moderated discussion, leaders in design from some of Denmark’s most successful healthcare companies will share their insights about the future of product design for chronic diseases, intimate healthcare needs, emergency care services, and more. Conference attendees are invited to ask questions, challenge ideas, and contribute to the panel, which will be summarized into an article after the conference.