Alex Dupont

Alex Dupont
User Experience Designer
Radius Innovation and Development

Alex Dupont is a user experience (UX) designer at Radius. He has a background in industrial design with experience in generative exploration, competitive review, product design, prototype creation and user interface (UI) design across various industries.

Dupont explores new tools and methods and applies his knowledge of advanced technology to the product development process, such as testing conceptual designs and UI concepts using augmented reality (AR) on the Microsoft HoloLens. He also has experience with field observation and usability research testing for medical and consumer goods. 

Dupont is a graduate of Rochester Institute of Technology with a BFA in industrial design.

Better Together: Advancing the Design Process by Mixing Augmented Reality and Physical Prototypes

Blurring the line between the physical and digital environment, augmented reality (AR) is a new frontier for industrial design. Its integration into the product development process continues the tradition of advancing ID in parallel with technology.

By selectively mixing AR and physical prototypes, development teams can leverage the benefits of both and overcome the limitations that arise when they are used independently. Through case studies and simulated examples, Bobby Garfield and Alex Dupont of Radius will share insights on how AR can be integrated seamlessly with traditional processes. They’ll focus on pairing “off the shelf” AR hardware (i.e., Microsoft HoloLens) and traditional ID and human factors principles and techniques.