Aidan Petrie

Aidan Petrie

In 1985, Aidan Petrie co-founded an IP development firm today known as Ximedica. In his role as chief innovation officer, emeritus, Petrie drives innovation in Ximedica’s core markets of medical device development and consumer healthcare.

With a passion for applying a user-centered approach to system and device development, he has committed himself to leading expert teams of researchers, human factors engineers and designers in collaboration with a global client base to co-create, develop and measure solutions that form the leading edge of the industry.

Petrie advises multiple startups in the healthcare space and has interests in a number of related companies. He sits on the advisory board of Massachusetts College of Art and Design and teaches and lectures at Rhode Island School of Design (RISD), Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Harvard i-lab and others. Petrie holds an undergraduate degree from Central Saint Martins, London, in product design/engineering and an MID from RISD.

“Alexa, what’s wrong with me?”

Amazon’s Echo is just one example of how the anticipated, hands-free, screen-free, zero-UI world will change consumers’ lives. It will change the way we deliver healthcare—whether allowing physicians to access multiple layers of patient information and cross reference drugs without turning to their keyboards, or allowing an elderly person to receive reminders to complete physiotherapy regimens.

Aidan Petrie, co-founder/CIO of Ximedica, finds natural language communication combined with sensors and analytics holds a vast promise to return to the personal touch but with added access to the appropriate information served in a digestible form. The application of zero-UI in health care will challenge the system to the core, at home, on the exam table and in the hospital; redefine the patient-doctor relationship; and personalize the delivery of care—leading to better outcomes at lower cost.