Adi Narayanan


Adi Narayanan 
Head of Materials Science & Engineering, Google  

Adi Narayanan is the Head of the Materials Science & Engineering (MSE) team at Google's Devices & Service Organization. Adi and team are responsible for new materials research and development that ensure Google's devices are leading with cutting-edge materials that are differentiated yet sustainable in their function and form. 

Adi has been with Google for over five years. He believes sustainable innovation with materials science can be one key way to differentiate a product offering to delight the consumer as well as our planet. 



Sustainable Leadership Deep Dive 2022 Session Description

Earth Compatible (co-presented with Katie Morgenroth)

"Earth compatible" — a peek at the Google Hardware design team's collaborative approach to designing for circularity. 
At Google, our ambition is to leave people, the planet, and our communities better than we found them. In designing for circularity, we collaborate across teams to blend art and science to differentiate and solve the greatest challenge of our time, sustainability. This talk will give a peek behind the curtain at the design and materials engineering team’s approach to building circularity into many layers of the product experience.  

In this session, you will learn: 

  • How we've reframed our mindset around leadership to partnership in advancing sustainability goals 
  • How industrial design and materials science engineering intersect in the advancement of circularity 
  • More about Google Devices and Services’ ambition to leave the people and the planet better than we found it