West District Design Conference 2018 | Portfolio Workshop

Your portfolio is a story. It is a book of stories. It is a tale that can only be told by you, because it represents your unique work and your passion is reflected in its pages. This year at West District Design Conference (WDDC), we offer an interactive workshop built to provide you with the opportunity to evaluate and improve your portfolio by simply learning how to talk about your work differently.

The Portfolio Workshop session will help you uncover the insight you need to take your portfolio presentation to the next level. By enhancing your ability to craft a narrative, you will become an unstoppable force in interviews. Making an impression and separating yourself from the competition often comes down to who can deliver the best story.

Presenter: Chris Livaudais, Designer & IDSA Executive Director

Frequently asked questions:

Will a professional review my portfolio? 

Not in this session. This is all about you, we don’t need reviewers. You’ll have plenty of other opportunities throughout the conference to interact with professionals.

What will I learn?

How to build a compelling storyline into your portfolio presentation and make adjustments based on your audience. 

What will I gain?

The ability to objectively look at your work and make improvements based on the identification of key points which are solely unique to you. 

Who should attend?

Any junior- or senior-level student, as well as young professionals, with a passion to improve.

How long will it last?

Approximately 45 min.

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