IDSA International Conference 2015: Future of the Future | Seattle

When designers, educators, students and business leaders come together to exchange information and ideas, exciting things happen. Join us in Seattle, August 19-22, 2015 for IDSA’s 50th anniversary International Conference, with Chair Surya Vanka, IDSA, former director of user experience at Microsoft. "For half a century, IDSA has advanced the design profession,” says Vanka. “I'm grateful for the opportunity to facilitate the conversations that will lead our profession into the next half century."

Future of the Future will celebrate the achievements of the design community in the last half century and accelerate reinvention of the profession to ensure its relevance in the 21st century. ”This is possibly the most important conference in our history,” says IDSA Board of Directors Chair Emeritus, Charles Austen Angell. “The 50th anniversary is about the next 50 years, not just the last 50 years. Surya Vanka has the right vision, maturity of thought and perspective on the industry to lead this conference.”

Also at the conference—this year’s IDSA/Eastman Education Symposium, set for August 19 and chaired by Ayse Birsel, IDSA Board of Directors’ Education VP. Designing the Future of Education is open to designers, educators and thought leaders who are creating original educational programs and tools to shape early and mid-21st century education—from design school programs to K-12; from corporate education to educating the general public. 

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