Though Kentucky is most famous for its production of bourbon, it is also home to thriving pockets of manufacturing, entrepreneurial startups, creative consultancies, and technology incubators.  Within the Lexington and Louisville metro areas, you’ll find nationally renowned consumer product companies such as GE Appliances, Brown Jordan International, Kenmark Optical, Big Ass Fans, and Lexmark.  Organizations currently nurturing design and innovation include the Louisville Graphic Design Association, Forge, Venture Connectors, University of Louisville’s Nucleus Innovation Park, and the yearly IdeaFestival Conference.  

Our chapter’s mission is to foster a local and regional design community by connecting design professionals and businesses relating to the product development industry.  Together we are growing as a lively and successful IDSA chapter, which strengthens its members through educational events and expands the recognition of design in the community.

If you have information to share with the Kentucky ID community or ideas for events, please contact our chapter officers.

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