International Design Conference 2017 | Speakers

Shanghai Disney Resort
Walt Disney Imagineering

Business of Corporate Design Studios: Thursday Panel

Business of Corporate Design Studios

Design drives business. Many, if not all, of the most innovative companies that are successful—have invested in their own design studios. But how do you run an internal design studio in alignment with the business goals of the company? This panel focuses on the fundamentals of how these studios are formulated and stay in sync with corporate business logic and strategy. What are their expected accomplishments and the challenges they face today and in the future? How do they operate in the local market and globally? How do they plan for sustainable growth strategy based on design? How is the typical day-to-day in a corporate design studio?

Pfizer Consumer Healthcare
GE Appliances
Hyundai Ventures

Business of Design Consultancy Studios: Friday Panel

Understand the crucial role of design consultancy studios. This panel will tackle:

  • What is the reason for the very existence of independent design studios since the birth of the ID profession?
  • How and in what capacity do the clients leverage the potential of these external studios?
  • How do these studios handle the very business of design and what are some of their evolving challenges?
  • What are the unique and compelling benefits offered by design consultancies?
  • How does one conduct the day-to-day business of running a profitable design studio?

What are the various models to seek and cater to the needs, wants and desires of the corporate and budding startup world?

RKS Design
frog design

Future of ID and Education: Saturday Panel

Industrial design is barely 100 years young. But we have come a long way with a plethora of illustrious achievements as an overall discipline. From the works of Raymond Loewy, FIDSA, to Dieter Rams—follow the thread of how designers strive to make this world better and more beautiful.

Many companies have embraced design and given it a seat on the board. Young inventors are now thinking in parallel—not just about the mechanics but the entire arc of the emotional landscape. What will the world be like in two or three decades for an industrial designer? How can we bring those needs back to today and start courses to carve a new educational perspective and better mold ID students for the future?

SHIFT & Aether Global Learning
​Harvard Business School
Hunan University


Kids II
Fifth Third Bank
US Endoscopy
Michigan Avian Experience
Dolby Laboratories
Big Lightbulb, Inc.
Newell Brands

Career Center

The IDSA Career Center 2017 kicks off with a networking lunch at noon, followed at 1pm by Sketch Aerobics™ with Jose Gamboa, IDSA, then at 2pm, simulation and material analysis in design with Jeff Smith, IDSA, of Autodesk. The Portfolio Review is set for 3 to 4:30pm. Recruitment information from prominent design firms, companies and graduate school programs also will be on hand. Click here for the Career Center schedule and how to RSVP.

Hatch Idea Development

Rapid Fire Speakers

University of Notre Dame
Studio One Eleven
Design Concepts
North Carolina State Univ.
Freefly Systems
North Carolina State Univ.
Berea College
Eastman Chemical Company
IN2 Innovation
Design Science


Sundberg-Ferar Design Studio
Georgia Institute of Technology