Chapter Officer Resources

To support Chapter Officers in coordinating local activity, we have developed this page of resources, guidelines and infrastructure protocol. Chapter Officers are strongly encouraged to read through the information below and harness these resources to their fullest. 



Now Available: Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Event Toolkit


2022 Guidlines for Resuming In-Person Chapter Events




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Support Team


District Chapter Representatives

Each District is led by a District Chapter Representative (DCR) who plays an active roll in supporting the IDSA Professional and Student Chapters within their district. They accomplish this by fostering the growth of Chapters, mentoring Chapter Officers, creating connections among Chapters and engaging members who live "in between" Chapters. DCRs make up the Districts Committee, chaired by the Chapter Director on IDSA's Board of Directors.

Vijay Chakravarthy, IDSA
Chapter Director

Central District

Ranee Lee, IDSA
Northeast District

Basak Altan, IDSA
West District

Midwest District

George Chow, IDSA
South District

Education Council Members

The members of this council serve in a number of ways and help advance IDSA's efforts in celebrating the work of our academic communities. Primarily, they are the point of contact for the IDSA Student Merit Award (SMA) competition and Student Chapters in their respective districts. Each year, they serve on the jury teams responsible for reviewing work submitted by students to select SMA District Winners and Scholarship recipients. During their two-year term, District Education Representatives may also assist with organizing the annual Education Symposium. All District Education Representatives, collectively with three professional practitioners, form IDSA's Education Council. 

Verena Paepcke-Hjeltness, IDSA
Education Director

Louise Manfredi, IDSA
Northeast District Educator

James Rudolph, IDSA
Midwest District Educator

Owen Foster, IDSA
South District Educator

Kohar Scott, IDSA
West District Educator

Carly Hagins, IDSA
Central District Educator

Jiabao Li, IDSA
Design Practitioner

Vincent Lin, IDSA
Design Practitioner

Josh Madwed, IDSA
Design Practitioner

IDSA Staff

Chris Livaudais, IDSA
Executive Director

Korie Twiggs
Community Manager

Bridget Brooks, CB
Staff Accountant & HR Coordinator

Jerry Layne, CAE
Chief Operating Officer

Community Leadership Institute (CLI)

The Community Leadership Institute (CLI) is a program developed to provide IDSA’s volunteer leaders (volunteers include Chapter and Section leaders) with practical, professional development training that is relevant to their role as IDSA community leaders, but also in their own personal career growth. Content will include diversity equity and inclusion practices, event planning and project management, member engagement, and getting and attracting sponsors.

The CLI will host four professional development experiences (one per quarter) over the course of the 2022 community program year:

CLI Programming Schedule

Q1 Mastering an Inclusive Mindset hosted by RW3 CultureWizard March 21 @ 11-12:30pm PT/ 12-1:30pm MT/ 1-2:30pm CT/ 2-3:30pm ET.

Q2 Event Sponsorship Success: Creating Lasting Partnerships hosted by Swaim Strategies June 30 @ 11-12:30 pm PT/ 12-1:30pm MT/ 1-2:30pm CT/ 2-3:30pm ET

Q3 Ignite the Volunteer Pipeline: Attracting, Engaging, Retaining Volunteers hosted by Pamela J. Green Solutions August 25 @ 11- 12:30  pm PT/ 12-1:30pm MT/ 1- 2:30 pm CT/ 2- 3:30pm ET

Q4 October – December – CLI Session IV (TBD)

Seed Money

We give your Chapter money each year!
At the beginning of each year, IDSA headquarters makes available seed money ($1,400) for each Professional Chapter to support events and activities for their members and to operate with confidence. IDSA encourages Chapters to use these funds to invest in their communities. It is the responsibilty of the Chapter Officer team (with support of the IDSA's Community Manager) to monitor the Chapter balance to ensure that you are not overspending without bringing in revenue. The Chapters are funded by a portion of each IDSA professional member's dues. 

Funding Sources

How can my Chapter make money?
The most common way Chapters generate revenue is through registration / ticket sales for events through use of Eventbrite. Chapters are advised to offer preferential pricing for events to IDSA members as a benefit. Throught the COVID-19 pandemic when most of their events are free, chapters have expressed interest in utilizing the Eventbrite donation feature. Instead, please use a ‘Pay As You Wish’ structure. This is a more accurate way of achieving the desired goal of allowing people to pay for a ticket at a rate that makes them comfortable.  In Eventbrite you would simply create a free ticket along with separate paid options. The Pay As You Wish tickets should have the following (or similar) description, “If you'd like to support the event, please choose your own ticket rate!”  

All revenue generated by a Chapter is tracked in the general ledger in the same way that all expenses incurred by a chapter are tracked. Inquiries about funding may be directed to Korie Twiggs. Chapters conducting events through Eventbrite or collecting payment through Square (or similar services) are asked to provide login details for their accounts to, and to include IDSA's banking information to Eventbrite accounts (contact Korie Twiggs about instructions for doing this) so the reports needed can be generated to substantiate revenue collected and properly assign them to the appropriate Chapter.


I have a sponsor or donor interested in supporting my event.
Awesome! Chapters are advised to seek local sponsorships and donations to support their activities beyond money and event registration revenue. With sufficient notification, the team at IDSA headquarters may be able to assist in this effort. Contact Korie Twiggs for sponsorship support. Remember, Chapters are not permitted to sign contracts with sponsors, these should be reviewed (and signed) by IDSA. 

End of Year Balance

What happens to our money at the end of each year?
A positive balance at end of the year is attributed to your Chapter and is accumulated for a maxium of three (3) years. This 'rolling balance' may be accessed by a Chapter for a specific purpose upon approval by IDSA headquarters. After three (3) years, any positive funds are then transferred to IDSA's general accounts to be used in support of our programming intiatives. IDSA is a non-profit organization and all funds generated are subsequently reinvested into programming, services or operational infrastructure.




What is a SCARF?
SCARF stands for Section and Chapter Activity Request Form. This document helps IDSA track and montior all Chapter events. IDSA uses SCARFs to keep track of Chapter budgets and to help support Chapters hosting successful events.

When to submit a SCARF? 
ALWAYS. Before conducting an event or other activity, all Chapters must complete the online form to submit a SCARF. The Chapter will receive a response indicating SCARF approval from Korie Twiggs or Vijay Chakravarthy.

Events & Activities
All IDSA Chapters are required to provide their local members with professional, educational and social opportunities that advance their knowledge of industrial design. It is at the discretion of each Chapter to choose the best complement of events and activities for their community. Click here for examples of Chapter events and activities, and for information about running successful Chapter events.


Does my event need a contract?
Not every Chapter event or activity will necessitate a contract. In fact, most don't. However, if you find yourself needing to make formal agreements to rent a venue, order food / beverage, receive sponsorship funds or pay for speakers, for example, then a formal contract may be needed.

What if my event needs a contract signed?
No problem. We're here to help! Chapters are considered 'component communities' of IDSA. Therefore, Chapter officers are not authorized to sign contracts or otherwise enter into agreements on behalf of IDSA. In the event one is needed, a copy of the contract offered should be submitted to IDSA Senior Director of Operations, Jerry Layne, for review. IDSA's Executive Director, Chris Livaudais, is the sole authorized signatory of any contract or other agreement between IDSA and an external party(ies). Chapter officers are advised to allow at least one (1) week for contract review and response.

Alcohol Policy

Can we serve alcohol at Chapter events?
Yes, Chapters serving alcohol at events must adhere to state and federal laws. Some cities have unique legal requirements, so it's always best to double check. Under no circumstances should alcohol be served to minors. Hiring a licensed bartender to serve drinks and check ID's is a good best practice.

Non-alcoholic beverage options should be made available for those who do not wish to consume alcohol. 


Event Insurance

Do I need insurance for my event?
In most cases, no. IDSA mantains a nationwide insurance policy which covers the majority of our events and Chapter activities. A Certificate of Insurance can be provided to you for your event upon request. Korie Twiggs can assist.


DEI Event Toolkit

Representation matters. Holding events where diverse attendees, speakers and organizers not only feel included in the programming but also see in the makeup of the event that they are included is what creates a connection and a reason to return. Review this important resource before planning a Chapter event.

Event Code of Conduct

This Code of Conduct applies to all IDSA Chapter events to include attendees, speakers, sponsors, exhibitors, vendors and guests. It also pertains to all virtual platforms used during the event.

IDSA Chapter events provide a welcoming environment regardless of gender and expression, age, sexual orientation, ability, physical appearance, body size, race, ethnicity, nationality or religion (or lack there of).

We do not tolerate harassment or inappropriate behavior in any form. Inappropriate behavior includes, but is not limited to:

  • Sexual language or imagery in talks or workshops (unless otherwise approved or is part of the session's announced subject matter)
  • Sexual language and imagery at parties or on social media
  • Derogatory comments related to gender identity and expression, age, sexual orientation, ability, physical appearance, body size, race, ethnicity, religion or technology choices
  • Deliberate intimidation, stalking, following, or harassing of attendees, speakers or organizers, whether through messaging, comments, images or recordings
  • Sustained disruption of talks or other events


IDSA Branding

While unique from community to community, IDSA chapters are a part of a broad, national effort to support, educate, and amplify the work of industrial designers and the ID profession. Therefore, maintaining the integrity of the IDSA brand is vital in ensuring a professional and consistent brand presentation which applies across multiple platforms in both digital and physical channels. IDSA has established logos and naming conventions for Chapter use and we must insist that these graphic marks be used in order to maintain a clean brand presence. Below are a few key factors to keep in mind. Questions? Contact Korie Twiggs, Community Manager.


Brand and Logo Guidelines

  • Download IDSA Brand Guidelines document here (via Dropbox)
  • Download IDSA logos here (via Dropbox)
  • Download IDSA Professional Chapter logos here (via Dropbox)
  • The IDSA logo should always be displayed in a vertical orientation, with the 'i' at the top. Reference the logo on the top of this page.
  • Each of IDSA's five Districts has a predefined color associated with that District. Chapters within each District assume their District's color.
  • Please do not create your own Chapter IDSA logo. We love the creativity, however this ultimately causes confusion for the IDSA brand.
  • Use the same logo / branding across all of your Chapter accounts: LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, etc.


Digital Naming Convention 

The Digital Naming Convention is a standardized process that ensures that chapters maintain a unified voice across social media and all online platforms. The naming convention is designed to highlight both the national and local characteristics of each chapter. All chapters are required to use the naming convention for their preferred platforms (e.g., Eventbrite, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Vimeo, YouTube, email, etc.).

Please follow the confirmed Digital Naming Convention to develop all of your chapter’s online platforms. It includes examples for both Professional (Prof) and Women in Design (WID) chapters (below). If the proposed naming convention for your chapter is unavailable, or if you are interested in using a platform that is not listed below (e.g., Pinterest, TikTok, etc.), please contact IDSA before opening your account.

  • Eventbrite  |  Chapter Name
    ​Example (Prof): IDSA San Francisco
    Example (WID): WID San Francisco
  • Facebook  |  Chapter Name
    Example (Prof): IDSA San Francisco
    Example (WID): Women in Design San Francisco 
  • GMAIL  |  xxx.chapter (all lowercase)
    Example (Prof):
    Example (WID):
  • Instagram | @xxx_chaptername (all lowercase)
    Example (Prof): @idsa_sanfrancisco
    Example (WID): @wid_sanfrancisco 
  • Linkedin | Chapter Name
    Example (Prof): IDSA San Francisco
    Example (WID): Women in Design San Francisco 
  • Twitter | @xxx_abbreviation (all lowercase)
    Example (Prof): @idsa_sf 
    Example (WID): @wid_sf
  • Vimeo | Chapter Name
    Example (Prof): IDSA San Francisco
    Example (WID): Women in Design San Francisco
  • YouTube | Chapter Name
    Example (Prof): IDSA San Francisco
    Example (WID): Women in Design San Francisco 


Other Helpful Information

(Chapter Finances, Reporting and Elections)

Chapter Credit Card

IDSA provides each Chapter with an IDSA corporate credit card in order to help your team make purchases and operate efficiently. Only one member of your Chapter Officer team will be issued a credit card. This authorized card holder may use the card to make purchases. 

What can be charged to this card?
You may use your chapter credit card to pay for expenses incurred for SCARF approved events. You may also make purchases for Chapter team planning and organizational activities. For your convenience, you may take cellphone photos of all receipts and email them to Copies of credit card receipts must be submitted to IDSA at the end of each month.

What's the spending limit?
For control purposes, the card has a default $250 spending limit. However, this limit may be raised by submitting a Credit Card Limit Increase Request Form to

How do I get a Chapter credit card?
A card will be issued usually within 10 business days of IDSA headquarters receipt of the Credit Card Acknowledgement Notice & Form denoting the requester has read and agreed to abide by the Society's Credit Card Usage & Disbursement Policy. Direct all questions in reference to card issuance or name changes to Korie Twiggs.

I lost a receipt!?
Missing Receipt Form must be submitted as a substitute if the receipt is no longer available. To ensure IDSA compliance with IRS and other auditing requirements, chapter credit cards will be suspended within 30 days of failure to submit receipts or substitutes. Inquiries about chapter credit cards may be submitted to Korie Twiggs.

Expense Reimbursement

I had to purchase something for my Chapter using my personal money.
No problem, we'll get a check out to you as soon as possible. If expenses are not charged to the chapter credit card, they may be covered by personal funds from a Chapter Officer or designee and reimbursed in accordance with the society's Reimbursement Policies & Procedures and upon submission of a Payment Request Form. Once the form is complete and accompanied by copies of receipts, IDSA will make every effort to issue your reimbursement in a timely manner (within the following week after submission).

What can be reimbursed?
Chapter expenses incurred for SCARF approved events can be reimbursed, provided that copies of all related receipts are submitted (don't forget, you can email cellphone photos of receipts to The total of the reimbursement request must match the sum of the expenses on the accompanying receipts.

I lost a receipt!?
Missing Receipt Form must be submitted as a substitute if the receipt is no longer available. Inquiries about reimbursements may be submitted to Korie Twiggs.

Reports from Headquarters to Chapters

Supporting you and keeping you informed.
IDSA headquarters makes every effort to keep Chapter Officers informed and supported throughout the two-year Chapter term. Support includes:

  • Regional Chapter orientations
  • One-on-One Chapter Clinics (See Chapter Clinic Toolkit)
  • Ongoing support
  • Quarterly general ledger (GL) with current account balance
  • Quarterly  roster of current IDSA members in your Chapter
  • Updates on what IDSA headquarters is doing
  • Monthly updates to Chapters (when applicable) about new local members
  • Current news about IDSA Chapters

Reports from Chapters to Headquarters

Make a plan for the year.
Plan events and activities for your Chapter year. Planning is unique from chapter to chapter. IDSA's Community Manager and District Chapter Representatives (DCRs) will support each Chapter to develop an acheivable plan of valuable events and activities to support members. Chapter Officers are asked to use their best gauge for creating experiences that meet the specific interests and needs of industrial designers in their local area.

Keep track of your expenses and operations.
Chapter officers are expected to maintain internal records of their income and expenses to compare against the income statements and general ledger details provided by IDSA headquarters. Chapters conducting events through Eventbrite or collecting payment through Square or other such services are asked to provide login details for their accounts to and to include IDSA's banking information to accounts (contact Korie Twiggs about instructions for doing this) so the reports needed can be generated to substantiate revenue collected and properly assign them to the appropriate chapter. Without these reports, a chapter's revenue cannot be identified and tracked in the general ledger. Inquiries about these reporting requirements may be directed to Korie Twiggs.

Invoice Payments

A vendor sent me an invoice. Can IDSA pay it?
Yes! Chapter expenses incurred for SCARF approved events are eligible for invoice payment under the following conditions: 

  • Expenses that are not charged to the chapter credit card or to an individual who  requests reimbursement may be paid directly to a third party by IDSA headquarters upon the furnishing of a vendor's or other service provider's invoice containing the appropriate contact and expense details accompanied by the completed Invoice Payment Request Form.
  • Submit Invoice Payment Request Forms to so that IDSA can issue and mail checks for payment. Inquiries on the status of invoice payments may be submitted to

Chapter Elections

Chapter Officers are the heart and soul of IDSA at the local level. They organize, produce, and manage events and activities that provide critical networking opportunities and professional development for our membership. IDSA Chapter Officers help to strengthen the design community across the country by promoting the value and importance of industrial design. Local chapters are a major part of the IDSA membership experience, and the Society is truly empowered by the commitment and dedication of our volunteer Chapter Officers.

Per IDSA's Bylaws, we maintain a 2-year election cycle to determine Chapter Officer teams. Elections are typically held in the October-December timeframe on odd numbered years. Elections help to ensure that Chapter Officer teams are refreshed regularly and encourage essential membership participation that is crucial to the future of the organization. We believe that all qualified members who seek leadership positions should be afforded appropriate consideration through these nominations and elections cycles. 



Basic Info | Position Overviews | HypeSesh Videos



Basic Info

Benefits of Serving

  • Bring the vision of your design community to life
  • Obtain valuable leadership experience and advance your career
  • Give back to your community and your profession
  • Gain exposure for yourself and your company
  • Earn recognition from your peers
  • Receive discounts on events


  • All Chapters are required to hold elections within the timeframe designated by IDSA
  • Chapters are required to have a Chair and a Vice Chair (Note: The most successful Chapters have 3-5 Chapter Officers on their Board to maintain consistent programming throughout the year.)
  • Chapter Officers can serve two 2-year terms (4 years total) in the same position
  • Professional and Young Professional members of IDSA are eligible to serve as Chapter Officers


  • Call for interested candidates, general promotion and preparation for voting

    (October 1 - November 8)

  • Candidates posted to Association Voting site

    (By November 10)

  • Membership Voting

    (November 15 - December 13)

  • Chapters notify IDSA of election results

    (By December 17)

  • Election results announced

    (By December 20)

  • Chapter leader orientation

    (January / February 2022)

Other Helpful Info

  • IDSA values diversity, which encompasses and stretches beyond race and gender, including tangible and intangible attributes such as diversity of thought, background, and experience. Chapter Boards should be representatives of the community in which they serve.
  • IDSA HQ will provide all Chapters with a roster of eligible voters prior to elections.
  • All Chapters will use Association Voting’s online voting platform (Chapter Officer orientation/training for the Association Voting platform is scheduled for Tuesday, October 12, 2021)
  • Contact Korie Twiggs, IDSA's Community Manager, to inquire about your Chapter’s election


Position Overviews

Chapters are required to have a Chair and Vice Chair; however, the most successful chapters have 3-5 Chapter Officers on their Board to maintain consistent programming throughout the year. We have listed below the most common positions and descriptions that Chapters use. These are only starting points. You may add responsibilities or positions based on the needs of your Chapter. 

Chapter Chair

  • Serves as leader of the Chapter, establishing and implementing its overall strategy
  • Responsible for overall execution of Chapter events
  • Maintains ultimate responsibility for all Chapter finances
  • Leads all meetings of the Chapter Board
  • Manages succession planning efforts, ensuring a pipeline of individuals ‘ready and able’ to lead the Chapter into the future

Vice Chair 

  • Assists the Chair with all Chapter functions
  • Assumes the duties of the Chair in their absence
  • Performs the duties of Secretary / Treasurer in the absence of that position

Secretary / Treasurer

  • Maintains Chapter Board meeting minutes
  • Maintains the Chapter's general and financial records, and ensures integrity of fiscal affairs
  • Works with IDSA HQ related to the Chapter credit card, reimbursements, vendor payments and contracts 

 Events Coordinator

  • Plans Chapter events and coordinates logistics (food and beverage, etc.)
  • Develops and maintains a list of volunteers and supporters who can assist with planning and execution
  • Serves as the point of contact for event registration / sets up event registration sites (e.g., Eventbrite)
  • Works with IDSA HQ to update content on the Chapter’s webpage

Communications Coordinator

  • Promotes all Chapter activities via newsletters and social media
  • Maintains credentials for all websites and social media platforms

Student Chapter Liaison

  • Coordinates with local university IDSA Student Chapters
  • Provides programming, mentoring and support


HypeSesh Videos

Leaders from our Ohio chapters created these amazing videos. Feel free to share these videos with your community as you promote your call for interest to communicate the tremendous value of chapter leadership! 
*Video credit: IDSA Cincinnati, Cleveland, and Columbus