3D Printing from Concept to Customer | Moschella, Anthony

The advent of low cost 3D printing is changing the way businesses work in a variety of industries and is poised to alter the consumer landscape as well. MakerBot has been a leader in consumer and prosumer personal fabrication since the beginning. Beyond providing 3D printing solutions to a new class of customers, MakerBot is a case study in how prototyping at the desktop can transform product development cycles. Rapid iteration at the product design level is only a part of the story. Anthony Mochella and the MakerBot team use these products at every stage of development, from industrial design, to mechanical engineering, to test fixturing, to the production line. Mochella will show how MakerBot has used rapid prototyping as a springboard to accelerate domestic manufacturing, and how 3D printing can affect the way your business works.