Call for Speakers - 2023 Events


Calling all thought leaders and visionaries. This is your opportunity to participate in an upcoming IDSA event and lead the conversation about our work as industrial designers. We seek proposals for presentations, interactive workshops, discussion panels, and in-depth training sessions. Your presentation should provide real-world inspiration, tools, and methodologies our audience can incorporate into their own practice. Your contribution to the event program should be professional, memorable, and unique to the event. We are searching for the very best content proposals that represent and articulate the forefront of industrial design today, and opens the door to what we can expect in the future. (Pictured: Ana Mengote Baluca, IDSA presents at IDC 2022 in Seattle, WA.)


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2023 Events Overview

Women in Design Deep Dive
March 29-30, 2023
Chicago, IL

This in-person gathering shares tools and skills for designing more equitably, and celebrates the contributions, talents, successes, and initiatives of women, nonbinary folks, and allies in the industrial design industry.

Now in its 7th year, the IDSA Women in Design Deep Dive empowers the design community to push towards reaching parity for all gender identities within Industrial Design. Created in partnership with the Women in Design Committee, this event is the community's chance to gather and celebrate the growing network of women in design across the country. Together, attendees will share knowledge and expertise, and build lasting networks across the industry.

Submissions accepted until January 18, 2023



Design Research Deep Dive
June 13-14, 2023
Virtual Event

This event highlights the important role that research plays in the design process, helping designers understand the underlying needs, desires, and challenges of users to create more effective human-centered products.

From unlocking new opportunities with generative methods to evaluating the outcomes of the design process through testing and evaluation, design research plays a critical role in shaping the products that make it to market. The user-centered designer uses a mix of investigative tools to uncover users' needs and pain points, interpreting data to inform the design process with the sharpest insights, so their design teams can create more effective solutions.

Submissions accepted until March 21, 2023



Design Entrepreneurship Deep Dive
October 18-19, 2023
Virtual Event

This event is a chance for design entrepreneurs to learn from industry leaders who have transformed their design expertise into entrepreneurial ventures – from founding a design firm to launching direct-to-consumer products and everything in between.

With the changing role of the designer in business, entrepreneurial skills have become even more essential to helping product designers survive and thrive in an industry where production has become increasingly democratized. Designers are perfectly poised at the intersection of human experience and business to create products that are both viable and deeply desirable. With design-driven companies out-performing the S&P Index by over 200%, it's no surprise that more designers than ever are stepping into entrepreneurial opportunities - whether it's founding your own studio or launching your own product.

Submissions accepted until July 26, 2023

International Design Conference (IDC) & IDSA Education Symposium
August 23-25, 2023
New York City, New York

The International Design Conference is IDSA’s biggest event of the year. IDC is a platform for amplifying the unique and bold voice of industrial design while celebrating the deep interconnection with other creative disciplines. IDC is centered on the goal of convening a diverse group of the brightest minds in design, innovation, and creativity. Our interest is in developing a shared dialogue that advances our ability to collaborate and magnifies the impact of our work.

For over 20 years, the IDSA Education Symposium has been a platform for celebrating the very best in design academia. It routinely draws design educators, practitioners, and students from all over the world and helps connect our vast community through knowledge sharing and networking opportunities. Design education is where creativity and learning are forged to form lifelong habits of acquiring, working with, and transforming knowledge into new ideas and solutions designed to help people live better lives. Design schools, educators, and students are central to this. 

IDC as a comprehensive event includes: the IDSA Education Symposium, IDSA Business Meetings, IDEA Ceremony & Gala, Exhibitor Gallery, and off-site experiences

Submissions accepted until April 13, 2023.


What to Expect

Your success is our success:

The success of our conferences and events relies heavily on the contributions of our presenters. Your professionalism, expertise, and individual flair all contribute to a memorable attendee experience. We are here to make sure you are set up to succeed. All speakers are offered coaching and orientation sessions in the weeks leading up to the event. This helps to refine and elevate your presentation materials (visual and verbal) to the highest standard. 

Who you will present to:

It varies by event, but generally our audiences consist of design professionals, design educators, design students, and business leaders from a wide spectrum of different but related disciplines: Industrial Design, Graphic Design, User Experience, User Interaction, Futures & Speculative Design, Design Management, Service Design, Experience Design, Branding, and more!

What's in it for you:

Our hope is that you will find our events to be a compelling platform that is worthy of your time and investment, as well as an opportunity for your own professional growth and heightened visibility within the design community. The collection of speakers assembled for each of our events recieve significant promotion and visibility across all of IDSA's media channels. In addition, most speakers are provided a complimentary registration for the entire event they will be contributing to. 

Speaker compensation:

It is not IDSA standard policy to offer honorariums, travel, or expense reimbursement for your participation. As a non-profit organization, IDSA operates inside extremely tight budgetary constraints to provide members and participants with the most value for their spend with us. Keeping our expenses down helps to keep our events affordable for as many participants as possible. Any revenue generated by our events is used to offset the production expense and/or is directly reinvested into future IDSA programming. 

Equitable Speaker Initiative:

With the above statement in mind, we deeply appreciate the time and energy our speakers invest when they volunteer to speak at an IDSA event. We also understand it is not always possible for speakers, especially those with historically marginalized identities, who may lack the resources to speak at or attend IDSA events. In order to create more equitable and representative programming, through the leadership of our Diversity, Equity and Incusion Council, we have developed an initiative to support speaker's participation in our events. Check the box on the submission form below to indicate that you require support in order to speak at an event.



No sales pitches please: 

We will not accept presentations that may be considered capabilities presentations, brand or product commercials, or generic or pre-canned content. Please respect this request.

How are selections made? 

A content team is responsible for reviewing and curating the content of each event. This group will review all submissions and evaluate them for their fit, relevance, novelty, and overall quality. Guideliness are also in place to ensure a diverse and inclusive group of individuals are selected to participate in our events. Creating space for all voices to be seen and heard through our events is deeply important to IDSA. 

Indicating a need for support through the Equitable Speaker Initiative will not impact the outcome of your submission. However, due to the high volume of submissions we receive, and limited funds available for the Initiative, not all can be accepted. All submissions that aren't accepted will be archived and considered for future programming. 

Event dates or other event details shown are subject to change without notice.

2023 Call for Speakers Form

You may submit a presentation to more than one event, however each submission must be done individually.

By submitting the information to present at an IDSA event, you agree to the following:

  • Attend speaker orientation phone / video conference call prior to the event
  • Provide presentation materials to event organizers by designated date
  • Maintain allotted presentation time window
  • Present content as submitted / approved by event content team
  • Be present during the event to participate as an audience member
  • Promote the event through social / professional network 
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Session Details
Indicating a need for support through the Equitable Speaker Initiative will not impact the outcome of your submission. However, due to the high volume of submissions we receive, and funds available for the Initiative, not all can be accepted. All submissions that aren't accepted will be archived and considered for future programming.
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IDSA is deeply committed to creating inclusive events that reflect the diversity of our membership and the industrial design community. This commitment means ensuring space is protected for voices that have been historically underrepresented within the design industry. Considerations for diversity include, but are not limited to, race, ethnicity, nationality, gender and expression, age, career-level, religion, ability, and sexual orientation. IDSA’s content team will use this information to make sure our events equitably represent our membership and community. To achieve this goal, we strongly encourage everyone filling out this form, whether or not you are requesting support through the Equitable Speaker Initiative, to answer this question. Please check all the ways in which you identify.
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