Call for Interest | 2022-2023 Leadership Positions


The Call for Interest for individuals wishing to pursue an elected leadership role within the Society is open now through May 7, 2021.


IDSA's Nominations and Elections Committee (detailed below) invites all members in good standing to recommend a colleague who they feel might be qualified to serve in one of several available volunteer roles. Members may also self-submit their interest in one of the positions.

Ideal candidates are individuals who excel at creative problem solving within tight constraints, who are trusted and proactive participants within their own communities and who have a proven track record of leadership, dedication and commitment. The required skill set, background, and applicable experience level will vary depending on the role. Open positions require a two (2) year volunteer commitment term beginning in January 2022 and ending in December 2023. The Chair-Elect role requires a four (4) year commitment.

Our Society is a diverse community of individuals who support each other through volunteer efforts that underpin and strengthen the design community as a whole. By endorsing a colleague, or nominating yourself, you are showing your commitment to IDSA's long-term success and improved membership experience. 



Open Positions    |    Timeline    |    Nominations Committee

Detailed Position Descriptions   |     Nominate Yourself or a Colleague 



Open Positions

Board of Directors

  • Chair-Elect
  • At-Large Director - Conferences
  • Education Director
  • Section Director

What to expect as a member of IDSA's Board of Directors

Education Council

  • Northeast District Representative
  • Central District Representative
  • South District Representative
  • Midwest District Representative
  • West District Representative
  • 3 Professional Practitioners

Districts Committee

  • Northeast District Representative
  • Central District Representative

Women in Design Committee

  • Northeast District Representative
  • Central District Representative




1. Call for Interest - April 2021
Members in good standing may submit the name of a colleague, or self-submit, for consideration by the Nominations and Elections Committee. During this period, the Nominations and Elections Committee may also proactively seek out individuals to gauge levels of interest in serving in one of the open positions. 

2. Candidate Review - May & June 2021
Submissions are compiled for review by the Nominations and Elections Committee. Each submission is evaluated on the basis of the candidate’s fit compared to criteria outlined in the position descriptions and their qualifications to successfully execute the role. Members of the Committee may 'interview' candidates as part of their review process to ensure all parties are aligned. Additionally, IDSA’s executive director may speak with candidates to confirm alignment with strategic organizational objectives. Note: The Committee maintains the discretion to select or deny any individual from moving past this stage based on fit for the role.

3. Board of Directors Approval - July 2021
The Nominations and Elections Committee presents their proposed slate of candidates to the Board of Directors for approval. Only Board approved candidates are then presented to membership to be voted upon for election to a Board of Directors position.

4. Slate of Candidates - August 2021
The approved slate of candidates is posted online at for our community to see. This is made public for 30 days prior to membership voting. During this time, candidates are encouraged to help drive awareness of their candidacy and the approaching membership vote through networking and social outreach.

5. Membership Voting - September 2021
Members are invited to vote for their preferred candidate in each position. Voting is primarily accomplished via IDSA's online platform, but paper ballots can be made available.

6. Voting Results - October 2021
Once voting is complete, the results are tabulated and verified by an independent, third-party company. All individuals on the slate of candidates are notified of the results once verified.

7. Public Announcement - November 2021
Voting results are made public to IDSA's membership and community.


Meet the Nominations & Elections Committee

The mission of the Nominations and Elections Committee is to identify candidates who are foremost qualified for the specific needs of each role while also being inclusive and demonstrative of our increasingly diverse membership and broader design industry. This current committee is serving in its first of a 2-year term.

David Patton, IDSA
Committee Chair

David Allan, IDSA
Central District Representative

Autumn Groleski, IDSA
Midwest District Representative

Mike Lyden, IDSA
Northeast District Representative

Ellise Smolenyak, IDSA
West District Representative

Yi-Ping Wong, IDSA
South District Representative


2022–2023 IDSA Leadership Position Submission Form

Use the form below to nominate yourself or a colleague for one of the open Board of Directors or District level positions. An individual can be nominated for more than one position if their qualifications span multiple roles. If selected by the IDSA Nominations Committee, they will only be allowed to run for a single position.



Detailed position descriptions

Chair-Elect (Board of Directors)

As Chair-Elect, the focus of the role is to prepare for their tenure as Board Chair - ensuring continuity between Board Chairs. He/she plays an active role on all aspects of the Board of Directors and Executive Committee by maintaining sight on the long-term health of the organization and contributing to our strategic priorities. The Chair-Elect automatically assumes the role of Board Chair after one year as Chair-Elect. 

As Board Chair, this individual holds the highest volunteer leadership position within IDSA. He/she presides at all meetings of the Board of Directors and must be equal parts strategist, coach, and conciliator. This role requires in depth knowledge of organizational leadership and standard board practices. He/she must be respected in the community. After two years as Board Chair, this individual serves one year as Chair Emeritus to complete a total four-year commitment.  

Primary responsibilities of this role from 2022-2025 include:

  • Working closely with IDSA’s executive director in defining, implementing, and maintaining the strategic direction of the organization
  • Interfacing with membership on a regular basis in the communication of organizational information and updates regarding IDSA’s programming
  • Reviewing and advising on aspects of IDSA’s financial strategies and organizational decisions 
  • Reviewing and advising on legal documents and partnership agreements
  • (As Chair) Serves as the contact point for every Board member on Board issues
  • (As Chair) Sets goals and objectives for the Board and ensures that they are met
  • (As Chair) Ensures that all Board members are involved in committee activities; assigns committee chairs
  • (As Chair) Motivates Board members to attend meetings and participate in their community
  • (As Chair) Runs effective and productive Board meetings
  • (As Chair) Assists in defining priorities and necessary qualifications for new Board members as they during elections cycles

To qualify for this role from 2022-2025, the ideal candidate should:

  • Be deeply familiar with IDSA’s organizational structure
  • Have relevant and proven professional organizational management experience
  • Have the ability to think both ‘long term, big-picture’ and ‘near term, quick solutions’
  • Possess excellent communication skills (written and verbal) and be comfortable speaking in public
  • Have leadership experience with other non-profit organizations and/or previous Board experience with other organizations
  • Complement and demonstrate a good rapport with the executive director

At-Large Director - Conferences (Board of Directors)

The At-Large Director will be given IDSA’s conference and events related program portfolio. He/she will support the International Design Conference and Deep Dive events, developing recommendations for growing, differentiating, and advancing all IDSA conferences. This role is not expected to “Chair” or be the primary individual directly planning IDSA conferences; however, they will be significantly involved in the overall production of these events, ensuring they hit or exceed budget goals and deliver exceptional value for event goers. 

Primary responsibilities of this role for the 2022-2023 term include:

  • Assist in content development, planning, and execution of the annual International Design Conference
  • Assist in content development, planning, and execution of three Deep Dive events per year
  • May be asked to attend events put on by other organizations on behalf of IDSA
  • Interact with potential conference speakers, sponsors, or other partners
  • Assemble and lead sub-committee groups of volunteers who help with various aspects of event planning (as needed)

To qualify for this role for the 2022-2023 term, the ideal candidate should:

  • Be familiar with IDSA's complete conference portfolio
  • Have previously attended IDSA events at all scales - local chapter events through international design conferences
  • Enjoy event planning, logistics, and content curation
  • Be comfortable contacting speakers, sponsors, or other partners who we may wish to engage with IDSA for a future event, often leveraging your own personal network to build new opportunities

Education Director (Board of Directors)

The Education Director is the conduit between the professional and academic communities, ensuring the needs of our academic members (both students and professors) are voiced and met. He/she plays a large role in the oversight and administration of IDSA’s programming that highlights academic work, such as IDSA's Student Merit Awards, Scholarships, and Education Papers. Additionally, this individual works directly with District Education Representatives across the country to ensure that goals are being met at the local level. The programs under the Education Director’s supervision run year-round and require regular collaboration with members of the IDSA headquarter team. 

Primary responsibilities of this role for the 2022-2023 term include:

  • Serving as Chair of the Education Council (made up of design educators and practitioners)
  • Leading the development and arrangement of the annual IDSA Education Symposium, acting as this event’s emcee
  • Reviewing all Education Paper submissions and assisting with the judging process
  • Reviewing all Student Merit Award submissions and assisting with the judging process
  • Assisting with the annual IDSA Scholarship selections

To qualify for this role for the 2022-2023 term, the ideal candidate should:

  • Be a current or former educator at a recognized academic institution, having taught industrial design (or related) courses
  • Have prior administrative/program chair experience with an education institution
  • Be very organized and detail oriented
  • Comfortable delegating tasks, leading teams, and planning events

Section Director (Board of Directors)

The Section Director promotes, monitors, and nurtures IDSA's Sections and represents their interests on the Board of Directors. This role also cultivates opportunities for relationships between Chapters, Sections, and educators through continued education development offerings that come from the subject matter experts within IDSA’s Special Interest Sections.  

Primary responsibilities of this role for the 2022-2023 term include:

  • Working with leaders of IDSA’s Sections to develop and/or propose new program offerings or chapter events that connect Section subject matter experts to our community
  • Identifying and nurture volunteer leaders who are subject matter experts to lead dormant Sections or assist with the transition between Section leaders
  • Assist with content curation for Deep Dive events that feature subject matter derived from Special Interest Sections as needed/requested by the Conferences Director or individual event content teams

To qualify for this role for the 2022-2023 term, the ideal candidate should:

  • Have familiarity with the IDSA chapter and section organizational structure
  • Share an interest in continuing education professional development
  • Understand the needs of wide-ranging current industrial design professional trends
  • Be outgoing and comfortable with community outreach activities

District Representative (Districts Committee)

(Northeast & Central)

District Chapter Representatives (DCRs) are responsible for working directly with the professional chapters and design communities within their district. Each will focus on fostering the growth of chapters in their region, mentoring chapter officers, creating connections among chapters and engaging members who live "in between" chapters. 

Primary responsibilities of this role for the 2022-2023 term include:

  • Lead and participate in regular touch-base calls with chapter leaders, IDSA staff, and other DCRs
  • Serve on the IDSA Districts Committee, chaired by the Chapter Director on IDSA's Board of Directors 
  • May be asked to serve on the Nominations and Elections Committee, helping to formalize the slate of candidates during election cycles
  • Assisting with the SCARF (chapter event) approval process

To qualify for this role for the 2022-2023 term, the ideal candidate should:

  • Have been involved with, or previously served as, an IDSA professional chapter leader
  • Possess excellent communication skills, written and verbal
  • Have basic knowledge of how local design events are run and enjoy passing on their knowledge to others

District Representatives (Women in Design Committee)

(Northeast & Central)

The Women In Design Committee endeavors to invite participation, encourage dialogue, and enable a community for women in design to create a more diverse, equitable, and inclusive industrial design profession. At the direction of the Board of Directors, the WIDC, through leadership of its Chair, will:

  • Provide mentoring and support to Women in Design Chapter leaders
  • Review and assist with the approval of new city-based Women in Design Chapter groups
  • Foster an inclusive and supportive environment for Women in Design Chapter Leaders and those who participate in Women in Design programming
  • Collaborate, coordinate, and align efforts with the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Council (DEIC) on IDSA's DEI goals pertaining to Women in Design
  • Elevate issues of importance to the Board of Directors for consideration, feedback, and action
  • Assist with the curation of speakers and content for IDSA’s Women in Design Deep Dive event, in collaboration with the IDSA events staff
  • Assist in identifying future committee members to replace those whose terms have ended

To qualify for this role for the 2022-2023 term, the ideal candidate should:

  • Hold a current IDSA professional membership and be eligible to serve per IDSA’s Bylaws
  • Have prior experience leading a team and mentoring others in a professional setting
  • Demonstrated ability to inspire and support others

Prior IDSA chapter leadership experience is a plus.

District Representatives & Professional Practitioners (Education Council)

(Northeast, Central, Midwest, South, West & 3 Professional Practitioners)

These individuals serve in a number of ways and help advance IDSA's efforts in celebrating the work of our academic communities. Primarily, they are the point of contact for IDSA's Student Merit Award (SMA) competition and Student Chapters in their respective districts. Each year, they serve on the jury teams responsible for reviewing work submitted by students to select SMA District Winners and Scholarship recipients. During their two-year term, District Education Representatives may also assist with organizing the annual Education Symposium. All District Education Representatives, collectively with three professional practitioners, form IDSA's Education Council. 

The Education Council shall serve in order to ensure the highest standard of industrial design education; to actively maintain a liaison among all members of IDSA (especially those whose professional responsibility is industrial design education); to promote and develop IDSA Student Chapters and activities; to promote Student Membership; and to consult with, and make recommendations to, the Chair and the Board of Directors concerning education policies, planning, and matters within the Society.