2021-2022 Election Results

IDSA is pleased to present the newest members of our Board of Directors and Districts Committee. These individuals are all uniquely qualified in their own right and many have already dedicated so much of their time to the betterment of our organization. We are delighted to have their continued support and talents on our team. Participating in our organization at this level is an outward symbol of dedication and commitment that represents the very best in what being an IDSA member is all about. Through their work and dedication, our Society continuously improves year over year. These individuals will begin their term on January 1, 2021.


Board of Directors


Maureen Carroll, IDSA
Secretary / Treasurer

ClayVon Lowe, IDSA
At-Large Director (Awards)

Vijay Chakravarthy, IDSA
Chapter Director



Districts Committee


Lauren Roberts, IDSA
Midwest District

George Chow, IDSA
South District

Basak Altan, IDSA
West District