Where are They Going? Where Did They Come From? | JAY

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Where are They Going? Where Did They Come From?

The University of the Arts (UArts) is the current form of the Pennsylvania Museum and School of Industrial Art, founded in 1876. Philadelphia, once this country’s “Workshop to the World,” was a major industrial center and the art school was there to serve those industries and their needs. Those industries are gone; the current industries have different needs, as well as locale. But, the need to be connected still remains. What is happening in Philadelphia now? DesignPhiladelphia has successfully focused the spotlight on the new design activity in the city and the region, and UArts has embraced DesignPhiladelphia. Together DesignPhiladelphia and UArts are working on partnerships, on collaboration, on interdisciplinary activities and on fully including the people for whom they design as part of the design process. In an increasingly complex world, DesignPhiladelphia and UArts are looking at knowledge, technology and creativity. How will this change what we do? Who is in control now?

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