Brian Pelcak, IDSA | When 'Innovation' Alone is not Enough

We’ve all seen (and probably authored) those glossy concept images which celebrate the beauty of an object (or place). “What an innovative solution!” we exclaim. Turns out, though—the idea is only the beginning.

In a WIRED article chronicling the involvement of IDEO with the KYU creative collective, author Liz Stinson notes, "To succeed, a studio can no longer simply provide ideas with a shiny presentation tied on top like a bow." As a literal interpretation of the IDSA International Conference theme, "Making Things Happen," Brian Pelcak, IDSA, of PGAV Destinations, will explore briefly—topics which reinforce the notion of what it takes to truly DELIVER any designed product (or service) to market—and how a designer’s greatest assets are those of vigilance and persistence.

Delivered through the unique lens of the themed entertainment and attractions industry, Pelcak will address, via case study and conversation, how comprehensive design services can act as a competitive differentiator.